I announced just the other day that I’ll be heading to Asia in the next couple weeks.  It’s a change I’ve been planning for a couple months now.  After the boredom of Europe, I’ve really needed a little bit more excitement in my life, and I think that I’ll find it in Asia, or at least I hope I will.  The only thing is, I know absolutely nothing about Asia.  Well, aside from what I learned about Japan when I was there on exchange as a 13-year-old.  Moreover, I haven’t planned anything at all.  Still, having not planned a moment, this is my bucket list for Asia.

Cambodian Kids

Find Unexplored bits of South-East Asia

It’s no secret that there are loads of travellers in South-East Asia.  With so many options for cheap holidays in the region, people from all over the world flock here. Though I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as London in the summer, I’m sure South-East Asia, and in particular countries like Thailand, can get packed.  It’s my goal to see if I can go to some of these touristy countries and find places that are still hidden secrets.

Explore Rural China

Everyone has heard about the industrial machine that China has turned into.  Cities like Beijing and Shanghai are massive urban spaces.  However, I’d love to go deep into the countryside and see if I can get to know a little bit more about ancient China.  And I don’t mean things like the Great Wall of China, rather I mean little villages where simple ways of life still take hold.  I want to see the undeveloped side of China, if it still does exist.

Visit the Gobi Desert

I love the desert.  There’s something about the vastness of the desert that draws me in and humbles me to the core.  I’ve been to some of the world’s greatest deserts like the Sahara and Atacama, the Gobi is just another one of those places I really need to see.  I’d love to explore the region on camel, horse, ATV, or really anything as long as I get to see it.

Get back in Touch with the Scooter way of Travel

After driving my scooter down Africa, I’ve really missed having the freedom of life on a scooter.  In places like Vietnam and Cambodia, scooters are everywhere.  I really want to pack my bags back up on a scooter and spend time cruising along old country roads.  I miss the freedom of having two wheels, and this is something I really need to get back to.

Photograph more of “Life”

Europe has been so bland in terms of photography.  It’s just one building after another.  Thus, in Asia, I’m really looking forward to photographing people once again.  From what I’ve seen, the Asian world is so packed full of beautiful and photogenic people I really can’t wait to have them smile at me through my lens.

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