I have been to London before.  It is one of those cities that has always had a draw on me, but I have never spent very much time in the city.  In fact, I’m not sure being in London Heathrow airport really qualifies as being in the city at all.  Somehow London has always allunded me, but the city still all manages to call to me.  I have a wishlist for things I have always wanted to do in the city, and hopefully someday soon I can take part in them.

The London National Museum

I’m not exactly a museum guy.  I mean I love history, culture and all that encompasses it but the truth is I have always been a more hands on type of guy.  Generally when I go to the museums I look at the pictures and displays and race through in half of the recommended time.  However, how can anyone not chose to give up one of their spa days to crash through the great history of this place.

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London








As a photographer I love the challenge of taking iconic pieces of architecture and trying to find a way to make them my own.  These iconic structures of London have always been a place that I would like to try to make my own.  The city has so many iconic buildings and structures this is only one of many that I have my sights set on trying to capture.  When I think of London, I see it through the eye of a camera shutter.


I had no idea that Wimbledon was actually an entire district in London until one of my friends once said to me “I just went for tea in Wimbledon,” to which I responded, “like right on the courts?”  When I think of Wimbledon I think of the tennis stadium.  As a huge sports fan an iconic sporting location is very high on my list of things to see.

Football Match

While many people may have their sights set on spa breaks in London, I would much rather be crashing shoulder to shoulder with Arsenal hooligans playing a game against rival Chelsea.  I have always been jealous of the atmospheres that are created in football stadiums across the world.  The songs, the pyrotechnics, the obscene swearing at the officiating, how could one not be in to that?  A football match in London would be a huge draw for me and sits high on my wish list.


I have been to a number of UNESCO world heritage sites, but none of them have been in London, so why not knock off some more?  This place is packed with the history that I love to read. It exists not in the pages of books, or in exhibits in museums, but on the streets and in the buildings I’d visit.

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