I’m sure that most of you have already heard of my latest project Vagabundo Magazine.  I’ve been harping on about the magazine for the past couple months and have been working very hard to try to make it a success.

In the end, I am very excited to be able to announce that just a couple minutes ago I published the very first issue of the magazine!!!

Vagabundo Magazine Winter 2012

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This magazine was more work putting together than I could have ever imagined.  I put in a lot of long nights trying to learn how to use programs like inDesign and making more mistakes than I ever care to admit.  However, I suppose like anything in life with great struggle comes reward.  I not only feel like we have put together a great product but I have learned a lot from the process personally, and regardless of whether the magazine succeeds or fails you can never lose the value of a lesson learned.

Obviously, the magazine was a lot of work on my part, but it could not have been possible without the help and hard work of a lot of very talented people.  I had a great set of writers who were willing to work with me on articles to fit the mold of the first edition of the magazine.  I have had friends walk me through various issues I was having. I have a great associate editor in Will Peach to lean back on and who did a great job on the final edit of the magazine.  And, of course, the travel community as a whole has been a great support system regardless of the project I am working on.

The first magazine takes its cue from the cover story “Reclaiming Paradise” about my own trip across the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia.  Beyond that story there are articles from South Africa, Romania, The Philippians, Antarctica and Pakistan. There is also a very interesting interview with travel photographer Sam Lovell who is famous for heading to not only off-the-beaten-path locations, but ones that are quite dangerous.

I think that everyone will really enjoy the magazine, and I hope that you continue to read Vagabundo in the future.

To get your copy of the Winter 2012 magazine you can either click the cover to your right, or you can choose from one of the subscription opens listed below.

Thanks again for all your support it means so much to me.


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