Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

Old street lamps line light the streets by night, but during the day they are lit by the flashes of cameras

Old Things in Colonia de Sacramento: A Photo Essay


The world quaint might have been invented in Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay. In fact, the word quaint might not go far enough in describing this little colonial city snuggled up on the coast of the Rio Plata. If it weren’t for the swarms of tourists that roam the streets on weekends one might wonder if the town has become a ghost town.  Colonia is a very popular day trip from Buenos Aires, and it is easy to see why.  The town is very quite, very tame, and incredibly beautiful.  This little gem is as photogenic as a city comes as it is littered with old cars, funky street lights, and thickly painted walls.  This is my photo essay of some of the “old things” in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, bridge

Cross over the old bridge into the colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, car, old

Two men share a mate tea on the edge of the city’s walls: an old tradition

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, church, car

A freshly buffed Volkswagen bug is backdropped by an old church

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, house, car

I don’t think I’ve ever had to go out side to “weed” the old car.

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, window, house, dog

An old dog lays in the sun protecting the streets form intruders, aka Argentineans!

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, bench, rio la plata, river

A look out in to the sediment laden waters of the Rio Plata. Somewhere way out there is Buenos Aires.


Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, flag

An old street lamp sandst watch on the streets of Colonia.

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, door, pink, old, colonial

Don’t you love the colour of this old wall?

This beer is old, well, it has been fermented.

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, food, fish, eating

I really hope this fish wasn’t old. Regardless, it was pretty darn delicious.

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, car, old, antique

Ok, that’s all for this post. I’m going to ride out of here in my old car.

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