Photo by Dubravko Strmecki

In the spring of 2012 my time in South America will likely come to an end, for now. I’ve been two years now on this continent and can confidently say that I’ve seen nearly everything I’ve wanted to see. So what’s next for Brendan’s Adventures? A spring in Europe.

I will be stopping in Paris for some time before making my way towards Spain, Portugal and then onwards to Africa. How long will I be spending in Paris? Well let’s just say that I’ve already started looking sifting through websites comparing prices to rent apartments in Paris. I know that I need to stop somewhere to brush up on my French, and what better place than the most romantic capital in the world. Sure I was in French school in my youth, but the truth is that I haven’t spoken French in 10 years, and Spanish has all but replaced the back of my mind.

However, Paris is going to be more than just French classes for me. I have dreamed of taking photos of the city since I first got into photography. I get a little bit excited just thinking about the ability I’m going to have to go out into the city each and every morning and photograph some of the famous, as well as less known, places in the city. I dream of the opportunity of being able to capture places like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the other landmarks in a different light than is normally portrayed. But also, I dream of being able to capture places that aren’t so well known. Having the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Paris should allow me to do that.

Paris is loved or hated by most people. Some find it too touristy, others have a hard time dealing with the Parisians. However, those who love it fall madly in love with the architecture, the bustling cafes and the charming appeal of one of the most romantic cities in the world. I, for one, am sure that I’ll fall in love with Paris.

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