Passion fruit flower

Passion fruit flower – Click to Enlarge

Passion Fruit Flower: The Daily Travel Photo


The Set Up

I spent a couple days being hosted near the town of Annai in Guyana’s North Rupununi district at a great eco-resort called Rock View Lodge.  I imagined my stop in Annai as a place to catch a breath of fresh air on my long 3 day trip to Venezuela and maybe a place to snap a couple of wildlife shots.  Instead I had my eyes opened to a great way of life and a beautiful project.  Rock View Lodge is a model of sustainability within the Guyanese interior.  The property is filled with gardens and orchards which provide their fruits for consumption to the property.  Everything from jams to cashew butter are made on site.  The project doesn’t only provide sustenance to those who frequent the property, but it also provides a model of sustainability to the indigenous people in the area.  The indigenous community and the resort do seem to operate in somewhat of a symbiotic relationship.  By the time I had left Rock View I had gained much more than I had ever imagined, including a couple of great articles which will be published in a couple of ezines next month.  For more on Rock View Lodge check out their webpage:

The Shot

I’ll be honest in telling you that I had no idea what a passion fruit looked like before I travelled to South America.  And when I shot this flower, I had no idea that it was the flower of a passion fruit plant.  All I knew was that it was one of the more interesting flowers I had seen.  As for photography tips on this shot, the one thing I should say is to give your image dimension.  Do this by using a shallow depth of field and not shooting down on the flower.  If you shoot straight down the flower will look flat.  By getting low like this you can see the various levels of the flower.

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