Perfect City Cape Town

Is Cape Town the Perfect City?

A little while ago I ran a bit of a series on the travel blog about me searching for my base.  I was looking for good place to settle down a little bit and work in blocks of time between trips.  Honestly, Cape Town wasn’t even an option when I was writing them.  But after a week here I’m starting to wonder if Cape Town is the perfect city.

I have pretty specific desires in a city, and I’m completely picky.  I’ve found so many cities that have been close to exactly what I want, but not exactly.  Vancouver is beautiful, is energetic and has a nice natural element, but is a bit cold and rainy for me.  Medellin, Colombia is warm, has a great location, incredible people, but it lacks an ocean.  But Cape Town what does Cape Town lack, according to my criteria for a perfect city.  Well, not a lot.

Perfect City Cape Town


Not only does Cape Town find itself in one of the most spectacular physical locations on the planet, but it also has a wealth to do and see nearby.  A drive out to Cape Coast, a cruise along the Western Cape, or a dive into the Stellenbosch regional all provide that escape from the city I desire.  In many ways, Cape Town is similar to Vancouver.  Though a full on global city, it is just a short drive from a peaceful escape.

Perfect City Cape Town

Food (Bacon)

As you know, I’m a big fan of bacon.  I need bacon in a destination, and Cape Town does pretty decent bacon.  They also do amazing steaks, sausage, and of course the braai (barbeque) is always running.  Coupled with brilliant wines, the foodie scene in Cape Town is among the best in the world, and continues to earn acclaim to that title.

Perfect City Cape Town


Though locals are starting to complain about price hikes, to me Cape Town is incredibly well-priced.  It’s easy to have a meal for under 100 Rand (10USD), and housing prices are entirely realistic.  From what I saw, Cape Town is one of the world’s greatest bargains in terms of city quality to cost of living.

Perfect City Cape Town

Global Location

Well, this is where Cape Town struggles for me.  I need to be somewhere I can jump around the world from, and Cape Town is a hop, skip AND a jump from everywhere.  Moreover, most of the well-priced flights in South Africa leave from Johannesburg and not Cape Town.  To get to North America it’ll take a minimum of about 30 travel hours, and even Europe will likely take you 12-18.

That being said, if you are looking for a bit of global seclusion, there is something very nice about Cape Town’s non-central location.  And there is certainly reward for those who make the effort to get here.


Well, Cape Town is about as close to the perfect city as I’ve ever found.  There have been very few cities in the world I’d actually consider settling down, and Cape Town is one of them.  I love the food, the natural setting, and the potential adventure escapes that lying within close striking distance.  If you’re looking for a city to move to, for a bit of a change, a bit of inspiration, then Cape Town might be the perfect city for you.