Photo Contest Grand Finale

It’s been a month, and we’ve been through some great photos in the process.  After announcing this very second that Melanie Votaw’s photo  “Macaques” was week 4’s winner.  We are off to the final.  This week is different.  Instead of voting in the reply box, you will be voting in the Poll box that is found at the bottom of all the pictures.  Happy Voting.  The winner of the prize of a Brendan’s Adventures Calendar and personalized Photo Book will be announced a week from today December the 3rd.

Here are the winners from each week and the finalists in this contest.  Vote wisely!

Macaques photo

Macaques - Melanie Votaw

The Men of Easter Island - Andi Perullo

Into the Light

Into the Light - Andi Fisher

Romantic Road

Romantic Road - Clark Kays

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