Photo Contest Update: New Photos and a Week 2 Winner

It’s funny, if I’m even 5 minutes late on the Top100 everyone seems to freak right out.  But when I’m a day late on the photo contest no one seems to notice.  I guess I know know what my site’s bread and butter is.

I keep getting more and more photos.  And they seem to get more spectacular as well.  Below you’ll find the nominees for Week 3 (remember there’s 4).  If you would like to submit for week 4 you’re welcome to even if you have submitted for other weeks.   To submit email your photos to

Into the Light

Into the Light by Andi Fisher

Before we get to the voting we have to announce week 3’s winner which was Andi Fisher with her great photo “Into the Light.” Congrats Andi, and good luck in the finals!  Remember the winner receives a free Brendan’s Adventures calendar, plus a photo book full of their photography.

If you entered into week 3 of the contest and your photo didn’t make the nomination list, it could still make it next week.  But just to be sure, you may want to submit another photo which you can do by emailing them to

Anyways,  enough chatter, here are the photos for week 3!  To vote just type the name of the photo in the reply box at the bottom of this page.

The Men of Easter Island by Andi Perullo

Lion Kill by Caz Makepeace

Layers of Mountain Beauty by Beverly Munn

Luxor by Cameron Wears

Backpacker Beach by Kate Mayer

Backpacker Beach by Kate Mayer

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