Photo of the Day: Fading Mountains

Photo of the Day: Fading Mountains

Fading Mountains in Anarctica
Fading Mountains

The Set Up

Antarctica is known for its penguins, its snow and ice, and its icebergs.  However, what many don’t realize is that the main land is bordered by tall and impressive mountains.  They stretch out of the ocean floor and fight with the low level clouds that hang vicariously around their peaks.

About the Shot

I shot this photo from the expedition ship we were on, which was an advantage because of vantage point.  I got my self as high as I could on the boat to be more at level with the scene.  I shot it focused on the mountain to the left to fade away the scene as it moves to the right.  I’ve been trying to visualize shots more so recently rather than just triggering scenes, and I think this came out well.

For the photo geeks, I shot this with my Canon 70-200 IS 4f at 70mm, I shot it at f5.6, at 1/800 seconds, ISO100.


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