Photo of the Day: Iceberg Pano

Photo of the Day: Glacial Pano

A Panoramic image of an iceberg in Antarctica
Iceberg Pano

About the place:

This was one of my favourite spots in the entire Antarctica trip. The place was called Wilhelmina Bay, and was filled with magnificent icebergs, It was also walled by huge glaciers that fed into the bay from the Antarctic Peninsula.

About the Shot

Light had been something I was a little bit worried about when shooting Antarctica. Having scheduled trips at midday generally means that the harsh mid day sunlight would burn out the colour and cause the whites to washout in many cases. However, the light low level clouds actually made a great light filter and exposed the great blues in the ice.

I shot this from a zodiac with my Canon 70-200mm 4f IS. I couldn’t fit the entire scene in with the longer lens on so I had to get creative. I flipped the camera vertically and fired a round of shots and stitched them together in a panoramic. People often forget that you can take panoramas with the camera flipped vertically.

If you’re a photo geek, you’d like to know I shot this at f 7.1, 1/500 sec. ISO100, at 155mm.