Photo of the Week: Calgary Skyline at Night

Calgary Skyline


I bought a new camera this week, a Canon T1i or as some know it the D500.  I decided that if I was going to do some serious work I should probably start using some more serious equipment.  So along with the camera I also picked up a tripod, the necessary filters, and a couple other handy items.  Along with the new camera, as well as reading the Scott Kelby photography books I feel like a world of difference has been made to my photographic abilities.  The other night I hiked up to a bridge overlooking Calgary, and fired a bunch of shots.  I also took this panoramic picture.  I’m blown away by the difference in quality.  And if I’m being honest it’s not as much the camera making the difference but the little things that I’ve picked up after reading up on photography.  Using a good travel tripod, knowing which setting to shoot in, having the camera mirror locked in, and using a remote trigger instead of the shutter all reduced the camera shake and made for some great pictures.  Here is the panoramic picture that I took from the bridge the other night.

Oh ya, and if you click on the image it will bring you to a website where you can buy the digital prints.  I made the decision to start protecting my images a little bit more after I noticed that over the past 30 days over 200 of my website’s images have been downloaded.

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