The Caribbean is a dream destination for many photographers with a diverse range of landscapes, architecture, and cultural sights. You can get a great shot in the most unexpected places and with so many places to choose from deciding on just one can seem impossible. To help you make up your mind here are some great locations for a little inspiration.


With over 400 species of birds, dense jungle rainforest and uncrowded beaches you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a postcard perfect picture. This small Caribbean Island has a quaint charm to it — you won’t find a concrete high rise or a shopping mall in sight. For a different perspective of the island, visit Fort King George. From this historical sight, you can get great shots of the ocean vista with canons in the forefront.

Pigeon Point is another great spot, known as the best beach on the island. Head there in the late afternoon when the fishermen bring in the catch of the day.

Havana, Cuba

The largest city in the Caribbean, there’s no shortage of castles, lively squares, and iconic architecture. You’ll be spoilt for choice in Old Havana which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in the Plaza de la Catedral, the Havana Cathedral is a beautiful spot for an early morning picture.

You can also look forward to plenty of pictures of the colorful shop fronts and unique street performers.


With sunken shipwrecks, underwater caves and stunning coral reef, this is the perfect choice for the underwater photographer. If you’re lucky, you can get some great images with a wide angle lens of dolphins, wild sharks or Spanish galleons.

If you want to stay on land, you can visit the Gallant Lady, a shipwreck resting on the shore on the southern tip of North Bimini. The rusted metal looks great against the crystal waters and white sands. For a beautiful night time picture, head to Samana Cay where locals hunt for crabs by torchlight. Small wax candles litter the beach for a magical image.


Dominica is often overlooked and remains a hidden gem. Volcanic activity on this tiny island creates some stunning natural wonders including hot springs, boiling pools, and black sand beaches.

The mountainous terrain can be quite rugged, so be ready for a trek if you want that perfect rainforest image. Staying at the beach is just as impressive, where you can see hot lava turning to steam as it enters the ocean.


The white sand beaches of Bathsheba on the East coast of Barbados are home to impressive jagged rock formations. This is an ideal viewpoint for a sunset picture and you may even catch some great shots of the local surfers.

Take a walk deep into the forest and you’ll find Farley Hill Ruins. This once regal mansion, nestled amongst mahogany trees, has great views of the Atlantic ocean.

The Caribbean has so many islands and hidden treasures that are waiting to be explored. We’ve just scratched the surface, but there are endless opportunities for that perfect photo.

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