Well, I’ve gone and started a photography podcast!

I’ve been asked for the past 6 months or so to start a photography podcast.  A lot of people have mentioned that they thought some of my “sit down and chat” videos would go really well in podcast form.  I’ve gone back and forth for those same 6 months trying to decide if it’s something I want to do.  You see, I don’t listen to podcasts. I never have. I’m a visual person, I need to see something to understand it; to grasp it. So, it’s hard for me to envision how it’s helpful.

That said, when I hinted at the idea of doing one, the response was too overwhelming not to jump on one.

And so, this is the “Unfiltered Photography Podcast”.

Latest Episodes

All the latest episodes are below.  Every time there’s a new podcast, it’ll show up here before anywhere else. So, if you want the episodes quickly – before they’re on iTunes or elsewhere – check back here regularly.

Photography Podcast Schedule

Please note that this schedule is changeable. I’m not going to try to set an exact time for the podcast each week, but rather record one whenever I have time.

I’m hoping to get at least one recording up each week. But, there will likely be 2 and sometimes even 3 if I have something to rant about.


Future Dates?

Please bookmark this page, or keep coming back to see the latest.  Once the podcasts start rolling out there will be a schedule up on this page – and a lot less information.

Where Can I Hear it? Subscribe?

This page is going to become the home of the photography podcast.  You might want to bookmark it.  Each time there’s a new podcast, I’ll update this page with the links.

As for now, the podcast is avaiable on:

Travel Photography Podcast

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