Photos of Ghana

Of all the places I stayed in West Africa, I explored Ghana the most extensively.  Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I took lots of pictures.  For the first couple days in Ghana I really only took a couple photos.  I also managed to under-photograph places like Accra and Kumasi.  I have to say, I was a little bit stressed out while I was here.  I was beginning to feel rushed, and probably didn’t spend nearly as much time as I should have out with my camera lens.  Still, I managed to get a handful of really interesting photos of Ghana, even though I didn’t really photography all too often.

If I could go back, I’d focus my  camera lens a little bit more often on the people.  Too often, I was focused on taking wildlife pictures, and so you’ll obviously see that a good proportion of the pictures from Ghana are of wildlife.  I did, also, get lots of picture of things like the coastline and the castles.

Anyways, these are my Ghana pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

Ghana Pictures, Mole Road

The road from Tamale to Mole National Park

Ghana Pictures, kids

Kids playing music in the village of Akwidaa

Ghana Pictures, Black and White Colobus

Black and White Colobus Monkey in Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Ghana Pictures, Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle

Ghana Pictures, Wli Falls

Wli Falls

Ghana Pictures, Elephant Mole National Park

An elephant in Mole National Park

Ghana Pictures, fiema

Girl on a bike in the village of Fiema

Ghana Pictures, Mole Hotel

The Mole Hotel

Ghana Pictures, Elephant

I got way too close to this elephant in Mole National Park. Was worth it for the shot though.

Ghana Pictures, Kumasi Highway

The road near Tamale

Ghana Pictures, Preying Mantis

A preying mantis in Mole National Park

Ghana Pictures, hippos

Hippos at Wechiau hippo sanctuary

Ghana Pictures, Elmina Camping

My campsite in Elmina

Ghana Pictures, Elmina port

The port in Elmina

Ghana Pictures, monkey

A monkey in Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Ghana Pictures, baby warthog

A baby warthog in Mole National Park

Ghana Pictures, Cape Coast Castle

A shot of Cape Coast Castle and the beach.

Ghana Pictures, boy

The eye of a boy in Akwidaa Beach

Ghana Pictures, Akwidaa Beach

Beautiful Akwidaa Beach

Ghana Pictures, Elmina Castle

Into the death cell in Elmina Castle

Ghana Pictures, Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle

Ghana Pictures, Antelope

An antelope in Mole National Park

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