Photos of Chile

From the desolate Northern deserts to the stark green fjords of the south Chile provides the camera lens with a diverse range of subjects.  Spanning across around 40 degrees of latitude it is no easy task to capture all that Chile has to offer.  However after many visits to Chile I feel as though I am lucky enough to say that I truly have had the opportunity to see nearly every side of this magnificent country.  I hope that my photos of Chile can somehow exemplify this country that offered me so much in terms of travel experience, and personal growth.  Here, displayed in order from north to south, are my favourite 19 pictures of beautiful Chile.

Arica, Chile

The world's driest city is somehow coastal: Arica, Chile

Valle of the Moon, Chile

Just a bit south of Arica is the driest desert in the World: Valle of the Moon, Chile

La Serena, Chile

The northern coast provides ample view points - La Serena, Chile

Coquimbo, Chile

Historical Coquimbo Fort just outside of La Serena - Coquimbo, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile

Valpo is one of the more colourful cities in Chile: Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso Graffiti

Valpo is colourful thanks to heaps of street art - Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso Market

Valpo is also colourful because of its market and people - Valparaiso, Chile

Concha y Toro

One of the biggest producers of wine in the world is Cocha y Toro. - Santiago area

Santiago, Chile

Santiago always seems to stand tall and proud - Santiago, Chile

Concepcion, Chile

Conce might have been rocked by the earthquake, but still stands strong - Concepcion, Chile

Puerto Varas, Chile

Chilean Patagonia has a strong European feel to it especially Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas. Chile

Snow capped volcanoes almost seems like an oxymoron doesn't it? - Puerto Varas. Chile

Chilean Train

The coastal rail line is still very much up and running

Hanging Tree

Southern Patagonia is out of this world - Torres del Paine National Park

Glacier Grey

Glacier Grey reaches down to the water like a hand holding the hills - Torres del Paine National Park

The Grand Torres del Paine

The Grand Torres del Paine

Puerto Natales

A boat on the shores of the icy waters of Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales, Chile

The cold waters and a beat up pier in Puerto Natales, Chile

Chilean Churrasco

Finish off all those sites with a Chilean Churrasco and glass of vino tinto

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