Although I might have recently given London a bit of a hard time in saying that London was a little bit “grey”, there are few places that offer so many great photo opportunities packed into one.  In fact, it is one of the few places in Europe I really didn’t mind standing elbow to elbow with other tourists trying to get a photo.  From Parliament to Tower Bridge to the Museums, there are a lot of opportunity to get great photos.  Moreover, as a bit of a competitive person, I love the challenge of trying to take familiar sights and give them a different look.

I tried to make my photos of London as varied as possible, but having only 4 days in the city this time around made it a little bit of a challenge.  I hope that these images capture the spirit of the city.

If you’re looking for one, I’ve also posted a guide to travel photography in London.

I’d love to hear which is your favourite, so please feel free to mention the title of it in the comments below.

London Travel Photography

Big Ben.

London Travel Photography

Inside the Natural History Museum

London Travel Photography

Spring Blossoms

London Travel Photography

London Tower Bridge

London Travel Photography

Near the Eye of London. Grabbed this photo with all natural light.

London Travel Photography

Love the London Parks

London Travel Photography-7

No set of London travel photos is complete without a phone booth

London Travel Photography-8

Doing flips in graffiti

London Travel Photography-9

Didn’t get a great shot of the London Eye. Next time, I guess.

London Travel Photography-10

Another angle of Big Ben.

London Travel Photography-11

Another park shot.

London Travel Photography-12

Sunset through the park trails.

London Travel Photography-13

On the London Tower Bridge

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