Another photo article you ask?? A cop-out you say? Nay! These are photos, and I am not lazy, but an uninspired wanderer.  It really is funny how something amazing can often draw out a massive lull into your system.  This time last year, I had too much material to publish.  I was drowning in new, awesome, and scary tales.  But the ease of travel in Bali has made me a bit light on story material.  That being said, Bali hasn’t been short on good photo opportunities, and in the north of Bali, I took advantage on the short time I had.

I was pretty amazed at how quickly life in Bali changed between the north and the south.  In the south, tourism has a healthy grip on things, and every little temple is over-run with tourists both international and domestic.  In the north, tourism is still a big thing, but much more low-key and relaxed.  I stayed 4 nights in Lovina, and made the most of an awesome time exploring the region on a scooter.  I hit up places like Git-Git and Munduk Falls, as well as Bratan Temple.  It wasn’t even close, the north was miles better than south Bali, but I still have to admit that I was ready to escape the island and hopefully find some places that pull me out of this ever-expanding comfort zone of mine.

Enjoy the photos from North Bali!

North Bali

The scooter I rented in Lovina, cost was $4 for the day.

North Bali, Munduk Falls

This is Munduk Falls, it was a pretty gnarly scooter ride down to the falls, but totally worth it.

Munduk Falls, North Bali

An HDR image of Munduk Falls.

North Bali

The view over the lakes from the spine of Bali. Awesome place to ride.

Bratan Temple, North Bali

Bratan Lake Temple. A bit over-rated, but made for some good snaps.

North Bali

Another shot of Bratan Temple.

North Bali

Some flowers in front of the temple.

Git Git Falls, North Bali

This is Git Git Falls. It’s actually 2 separate falls, both really cool.

North Bali-10

Lovina, North Bali

The beach in Lovina is black volcanic sand. These are the boats the go out fishing in.

North Bali

Rolling down the road! See you next time!

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