There is something about a market that just breathes people full of life, excitement and anxiety. Whether it be the pushy vendors, the camera strung tourists, or the children playing amongst the feet there always seems to be an air of exhilaration hanging playfully throughout a market. One of the most infectious markets in the world is the famous Chichicastenango market in Guatemala. This market is made special by the fact that its not only souvenirs strung up for tourists, but a meld of a grand local market as well. Every market day the town fills and the streets become trodden with people buying, selling or just having a look.

On my recent visit to Chichi I made the effort to capture the feel of the market. I wanted to capture not only the products but also the people who make the markets so interesting. This is my photo essay from Chichistenango Market.

On another note, in my next article I take a first person narrative look into what it must be like to be a shoe shiner in the Chichistenango Market, I think you’ll all really like that one.  For now, enjoy the photos of Chichistenango Market.

The market beginning to open

Chicken buses for sale

A woman walks with her children


The lady that sold me my 1$ alarm clock

A flower vendor in the smoke coming from the church

I think these were Jesus?

A baby hanging from his mother’s blanket wrap

Some flowers near the church

That’s one way of carrying things

A vendor works in his stall

Ladies selling batteries and alarms

Cute kid

Who doesn’t need stuffed… goats? Horses? Donkeys?

Some fruit and nuts from the local market

What you lookin’ at?

The inspiration for my upcoming article… stay tuned

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