Photo(s) of the Week: Miami Beach 3 for 1

On a self-imposed detox in Miami Beach I did nothing but work for 3 days.  I had spent the past three weeks stuffing myself full of any consumable product under the American sun.  I somehow managed to gain 10 pounds, which I’ve never done before in my life let alone in 3 weeks, and I managed to burn through my bankroll faster than I could have playing a slot machine.  I ended my American roadtrip in shambles: broke, tired, fat, and ready to move on.

Sure, putting myself on “timeout” in South Beach might not have been the most exciting thing I’ve done in my life, and watching gorgeous girl after gorgeous girl leave the hostel in tiny little beach numbers every night for the club didn’t make life much easier either, but it was necessary.  Instead, I spent my three nights in Miami out shooting some photos, and taking care of business.  I didn’t really come up with any great Miami material so instead I decided to post three photos, one for each of my nights in town, as the photo(s) of the week.  Enjoy.

The night I arrived I headed out to shot some night shots… I loved how this came out. I hunted for a shot of the Miami Beach skyline on day 2 and came up with this shot from one of the causeways. I actually headed to the beach in South Beach on day 3 and had my eyes on this lifeguard house as my subject all day.