Upon arrival to Canada, I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do: ride the train across Canada.  For me, there is no better way to travel than via train.  It’s slow enough you can watch the world float by, but also comfortable enough that you can stretch your feet, sleep, and eat cozy meals as you go.  For me, it’s the only method of travel that lets you feel like you’re moving, without making you feel like your travelling, if that makes any sense.  If comfy enough, riding a train is like travelling in your house.

The VIA Rail that runs across Canada, in my case from Toronto to Edmonton, is that perfect form of travel.  And despite the idea that lots of Canadians have that taking the train across Canada is boring since east of the mountains is all prairie or bush is completely untrue.  Though there is lots of prairie, and lots of bush, the views are constantly beautiful.

Rather than writing a long descriptive article about the train, I thought instead it would be good to show you the train trip in photos, and explain through the captions.  Enjoy!

Via Rail, train across Canada

This is the back of the train. On the Via, this car always has coffee, tea, and, on the night you set off, some champagne and snacks waiting for you.

Via Rail, train across Canada, dome car

On the first night, I climbed up into the dome car for a view of Toronto at night.

Via Rail, train across Canada, bedroom

This would be my bedroom for the trip across Canada. It’s the top room you can get, this is a double although I had it to myself. It also had a private toilet and sink. Showers are shared by multiple cabins.

Via Rail, train across Canada

Day 2 on the Via across Canada starts with breakfast in the dinning car as the train cruises through Ontario.

Via Rail, train across Canada

Most of Ontario is a mix of bush and hidden lakes. There’s not a cell phone signal in sight, the perfect escape from technology for a day!

VIA, Train Across Canada

One of the rare stops long the way. Aside from a fairly long stop in Winnipeg, this was the only time I got out of the train.

VIA, Train Across Canada

The view from my room on the Via Rail… 2 days without cell coverage was exactly what I needed.

VIA, Train Across Canada, dinning car

Life in the dinning car at sunset.

VIA, Train Across Canada, food

Food along the way on the Via Rail was great. 3 Course meals with a view… you can’t beat that!

VIA, Train Across Canada, eating

More food…

VIA, Train Across Canada

I could go all day with the food photos.

VIA, Train Across Canada, breakfast

Hitting the prairies… getting closer to home. Breakfast and this view is about as good as it gets.

VIA, Train Across Canada, prairies

This was my favourite photo from the entire trip across Canada with Via Rail. I love the colours of the prairies and the father and sons walking down the road. Perfection.

VIA, Train Across Canada, prairies

The prairies moving from the window in the back of the train.

VIA, Train Across Canada, prairies

Is there a more familiar view of the prairies than this photo???

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