You may have noticed over the past week or so that this travel blog has gotten a bit slow.  It’s not that I haven’t been travelling.  After returning to Southeast Asia from Jordan, I haven’t exactly slowed down my pace of travel or anything.  After a couple days in Singapore, we flew up to Vietnam and have already spent a couple weeks exploring this fascinating country.  But there hasn’t been much content flowing has there?  Well, not as much as usual.

The reason  is simple, I’m writing a book.  And by “writing a book” I basically mean that I’ve written about 70,000 words and am throwing the pages in the air screaming things like, “develop the characters you selfish bastard!” and “the sentence syntax is poor, Brendan.  Piss poor!”.  But it also means I haven’t had nearly as much time to explore, or post articles.

Thus, if it’s OK with you all, I’m going to be spending a little less time constructing elegantly written words, and maybe keep things simple with photo articles like this one from my short time in Singapore.  It should keep things light on my end until I finish flinging poo at the pages of my potential novel and get it published.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’re probably too lazy to read the words anyways and just come here for the pictures.

Which I guess means you aren’t reading this anyway, so I should just stop and get to the pictures, shouldn’t I.

Ok, pictures of Singapore.  Enjoy.

Singapore, Skyline

Nice park area along the waterfront.

Singapore, HDR

Down on the waterfront in HDR

Singapore Zoo, monkey

Monkeys hiding out in Singapore Zoo.

Fruit Juice, Singapore

Fruit juices of all colours inside the market

Singapore Zoo, orangutan

Juvenile Orangutan swinging through the zoo.

waterfront, singapore

A mixing of old and new styles on the water front.

Singapore, Marina Bay Botanical Gardens

This was shot in the Marina Bay Botanical Gardens. The famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background.

Singapore Zoo, komodo dragon

A massive Komodo Dragon. Missed these guys in Indonesia, unfortunately.

Skyline, Singapore

One of my favourite photos from Singapore, the skyline is unreal.

Singapore Zoo, orangutan baby

A baby Orangutan in Singapore Zoo.

Bugis Market, Singapore

Inside Bugis Market

Singapore Zoo

Beautiful eyes on this one, eh?

Skyline, Singapore

One of the tallest and most tightly spaced downtown’s I’ve ever seen

Singapore, unnatural trees

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