If you do nothing else while in the New York area, you must try a famous slice of New York City pizza. There’s something about the pizza in this city that is incomparable, and only the famous pies of Chicago can even come close to rivaling the quality of a New York pizza.

New Yorkers take their pizza very seriously, and the act of pizza-making has become a bit of an art form. If you start to chat with the pizza chefs at any New York pizza joint, you will get a passionate earful from them about how the best pie should be made. If you claim that a particular pizza place is the “Best in New York,” you are sure to spark a heated debate. Of course, there is no way to determine which is really the best unless you find a cheap flight to get there, eat as much pizza as possible during your New York visit, and let your taste buds decide.

New York Pizza

While in New York, here are a few places you might want to work into your itinerary.


This pizza place in Brooklyn is so well-known for its amazing pies that you will have to wait a while for your order. However, you are free to wander and visit the nearby wine bar or bakery while you wait, and someone will call you when your pizza is ready.

The long wait is worth the fresh and flavourful pizza. Lucali only uses the finest fresh ingredients which they source on a daily basis. The restaurant also has a BYOB policy so that you can bring your own bottle of wine. Also, it is rumoured that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are regulars at this much-loved NYC establishment.

New York Pizza

Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee’s pizza joint in Greenpoint is another favourite among New Yorkers. The pizzas here are cooked in a reclaimed wood oven from Italy and are made from locally sourced ingredients. Every three or four months, Paulie Gee’s removes one pizza from the menu and adds a new one.

In addition to the delicious pie, you’ll enjoy the interesting atmosphere of this restaurant: with its medieval-style architecture and candlelight, this is one romantic pizza place! It would be a great place to get to know someone special over a fresh pie.


Located in Park Slope, this relatively new pizzeria has begun to establish itself as a New York classic. It offers delicious and simple Italian-style pizza with a tender, snappy and thin crust and savoury high-quality toppings. The cooks at Franny’s use a blazing, wood-burning brick-walled beehive oven which cooks the pizza crust to perfection.

Franny’s takes its ingredients very seriously, from the sausage that they cure in house to the farmhouse hormone-free milk. In addition to the pizza, there is also a crostini-of-the-day made with ingredients such as crumbled egg, tuna bottarga and anchovy butter. The crostini is different each day so it might be worth your while to check in at Franny’s more than once!

Patsy’s Pizzeria

This coal-oven pizzeria is regarded as one of the original New York City pizzerias serving up classic thin crust pizza. Patsy’s Pizzeria has been around since 1933 in the Italian neighbourhood of East Harlem, and it claims to be the first pizza joint to sell pizza by the slice. As one of the earliest pizzerias in New York City, Patsy’s has become legendary.

Di Fara’s

Located in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, Di Fara’s has been open and operating since 1964 under owner Domenico DeMarco. According to the Zagat ratings, Di Fara’s has received the title of #1 Best Pizza in New York for eight years running, and it was proclaimed the “best of the best” by Chef Anthony Bourdain.

De Marco handcrafts between 100-150 pizzas per day along with three of his seven children who also work in the restaurant. He only uses the finest imported ingredients including buffalo mozzarella from Casapulla, Italy, extra-virgin olive oil and San Marzano tomatoes. The crust is incredibly thin and crispy with just enough of the savory, tangy sauce, evoking the feeling of sun-soaked Italy with every bite.

New York City

Nick’s Pizza

This classic New York pizzeria is all about thin-crust, classic Italian-style pizza with old-fashioned recipes and a no-frills, laid-back decor. Located in Forest Hills, the lines snake out the door of this establishment for good reason: Nick’s offers a family-friendly atmosphere and some deliciously authentic pizza. Try the sausage and broccoli, or the delicious fresh eggplant parmigiana. This is Italian home cooking at its finest.

These are just a few examples of the best New York Pizza joints that you can try during your visit to the big apple. Bon appétit!

About the Author: Shane Peterson is a travel and food blogger and pizza lover. He plans to eat his way across New York, one hot and cheesy slice at a time. If just reading about New York City pizza has got your mouth watering, click here to find a cheap flight to get there.  

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