Portuguese Cities at Dusk: Photos of the Week

I’d be lying if I said that doing the “365 Day Photo Challenge” hasn’t worn on me some days (check out the album on my facebook page). When I was in Portugal, there were a couple days that I really just didn’t want to get out and photograph. It’s nothing against Portugal; I was just a little bit worn out. The first day was in Lisbon. It had been raining all day and had it not been for the challenge I would have never left the front door of my hostel to go an get this photo.

The second time this apathy happened was in Porto. To be honest, I was about 5 minutes away from cheating on this day, when I finally gave in to my inner-competitor. I’ve always loved a good challenge, and rarely fail. In fact, I went through an entire university semester once without drinking beer on a challenge from a friend; a feat that those who know me was not easy to complete.

How I Got these Shots

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the specifics of these photos. I’d rather just add to what I mentioned above. The reason I took the 365 days of photos challenge was because I was looking back on my South America photos and noticed a bunch of holes. There were so many places I just never took the camera out of the bag. I was apathetic then, but I regret it now. I don’t want that to happen again. Anyways, I’m nearly halfway done the challenge, and it’s definitely forced me to get out more often and I have photos I never would have taken had it not been for the challenge. The above photos of Lisbon and Porto would have never happened had I not challenged myself.