After spending nearly the entire time I was in the United Kingdom in hostels, I was ready to get away from “hostel life” for a bit by the time I got to Paris. Lucky for me, I had a bit of treat waiting for me when I arrived at the French capital. The Avalon Hotel is a bit of a boutique hotel although it doesn’t advertise itself as such. It’s handy to the main train stations and most importantly the cleaning ladies wear the traditional French Maid outfits, rawr!

All joking aside, the cleaning staff does very well at maintaining this place, and the reception staff is friendly and helpful. I’m positive there are more luxurious places in Paris, but for what I’m looking for in a hotel, Avalon had it all.

The Rooms

The rooms are European, which means that they aren’t massive. That being said, there is more than enough room to toss the contents of your backpack out on the floor. The bed in my room was big and very comfortable. The room’s bathroom was also a decent size, had an amazing shower and enough electrical outlets to keep the girls happy as well. For the travel writer, I assure you that the wifi works perfectly throughout the hotel, including in the rooms, as well.

Score: 95

The Facilities

Despite the fact that this is not a hostel, per say, Avalon Hotel has all the facilities you’ll need apart from a kitchen. There is an included breakfast which is simple but more than worthy. If you’re fixing for a midnight snack, there are vending machines in the building as well. And, as I mentioned, there is also free wifi throughout the building.

Score: 85

Fun and Atmosphere

Well, this is a hotel isn’t it? As far as fun is concerned, I am a little hand strung in gauging it since a hotel, unlike a hostel, doesn’t offer “fun” hostel activities. I will say, however, that they will definitely give you a hand sorting out any tours you’re hoping to take part in. As far as atmosphere goes, the Avalon Hotel isn’t going to blow you away, but it does a nice little version of boutique meets budget hotel.

Score: 70


From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed by the staff. The receptionist was very helpful to the couple ahead of me, and I tend to judge how others are treated more than myself. The moment as I am revealed to be the famous travel writer I think I am, is the exact same moment I am given “special” treatment. That being said, the hotel did go out of its way to make sure my stay was as comfortable as possible.

Score: 95


I think like any budget hotel in a big European city you give and take a little bit when it comes to location. The Avalon Hotel is literally 2 blocks from Gare du Nord train station and the metro stop which is amazing. However, if you’re hoping to stumble out of your room and onto Champs Elysee it’s not going to happen here. I walked to Champs Elysee and the Louvre on separate occasions because I wanted to explore. It takes about 45 minutes to Arch du Triomph and about 30 to the Louvre. It would take maybe an hour to get to the Eiffel Tower. Of course, you don’t need to be silly and walk like I did, the metro will take you anywhere.

I think as far as value goes, the location here is very good.

Score: 85


I was almost a little bit sad to leave this place. It was a great office for a couple days and a great base to explore Paris. Although the average backpacker is probably going to be looking for a place where it’s easier to meet others, for couples and those trying to get away from the crowds this places is perfect. For more information or make your booking you can visit their page on HostelBookers here.

Overall Score: 86

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