That must be the happiest man in the history of the world,” I think are the words I said to Tiffany after meeting Jani, the owner of Jazz Hostel in Bled, Slovenia.  If he’s not the happiest man in the world, then he very well may at least be the most welcoming.  Quickly after arriving at Jazz Hostel, we already felt welcomed in like we were family.  If you ever own a hostel, take Jani as an example: if you make people feel welcomed, it wont matter how great or terrible your property is, people will rave about it.

Now, disregarding what I last said, I promise you, Jazz Hostel might be the most well-prepared hostel in all of Europe.  I have reviewed it and its amenities below.

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The location of Jazz Hostel isn’t exactly perfect.  I’m sure that many guests would prefer to be down closer to the water, or at least have some sort of view from the hill.  Jazz has neither.  It’s up on a flat piece of land on the edge of Bled.  However. it’s not really an issue and actually might suit some visitors because it’s basically in the middle of everything.  If you’re wanting to go to the lake, it’s about a 10-minute walk down the hill to get there.  If you’re hoping to hike up to the castle, it’ll only take you about 15-minutes from the hostel.  And of course, if you’re hoping to get out to Vintgar Gorge, you’ll have about a 20-minute hike to get to town, then another 5-10 to get to the gorge.

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This is where Jazz Hostel really excels.  Seriously, this place has it all covered.  There is WiFi throughout the hostel, and other obvious hostel amenities like a kitchen and computers.  However, they go a step further here at the hostel.  If you need a computer, rather than agonizing over it and charging a fee or taking a deposit, there is a pile of towels for you to use and then return to the wash bucket.  Moreover, if you didn’t bring a laptop, they have one they can lend out to guests.  Also, if you’re Tiffany, the seemingly endless supply of candies at the front counter is the best amenity of all.


The rooms are nice and are fairly spacious.  There are dorms as well as private rooms.  The mattresses are comfortable and there are things like plug-ins everywhere.  I’m not really sure what else to say about the rooms, they are fairly standard hostel rooms, nothing disappointing nothing that will blow your mind.

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The atmosphere to the hostel is kind of mix between home-away-from-home and your more typical business-first hostel.  You’ll have the amazingly helpful staff on your side, but you’ll never be treated like a client, more like a guest who they’re happy to show around.  The “theme” of the hostel is obviously jazz, and there is a nice bit of photography around the hostel portraying that theme.  Truth is, however, the atmosphere of the hostel was a bit tough to gauge due to the fact that it was the lowest of low seasons in Bled when we were there and we were the only guests.  I’m sure, however, in the summer this place has a great vibe and the Jazz Bar next door is bustling.

More Information

If you’re looking for more information on the hostel, or are hoping to book, head over to the Jazz Hostel’s website.

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