My goal of a little bit of peace and quiet while in Kent could not have been enhanced anymore than it was by my stay at the Castle House in Dover.  This place was exactly what I would have imagined when I thought of an English countryside Bed and Breakfast.  The place is cozy, the facilities are all excellent, and the staff is very friendly.  I didn’t imagine that I would like Dover, but I loved my time there, and I am fairly sure that my stay at this B&B helped that positive view of the city.

The Rooms

Although the room I was in wasn’t exactly “manly”, it was very comfortable.  I slept like a rock each night I stayed there and thought the soft bed was a very welcome change to the dorm beds I had been in.  There were power outlets where they should be, warm water in the shower, and enough space to toss things around a bit.  I don’t really have any complaints about the room at all.

Score: 95

The Facilities

Since it’s a guesthouse and not a hostel, you wont get all the same facilities.  But, that being said, there is no real need for a pool table, kitchen, etc. because that isn’t the type of place this is.  There is wifi internet throughout the property that always worked and was very quick.  For me, if you have wifi that works right, you’ll get a good score.  Moreover, the morning breakfast here is fantastic.  Feed me properly and you’ll always end up with a happy guest.

Score: 90

The Location

Dover is quite small, so I think it would be near impossible to have a bad location.  The location of Castle House is perfect thought.  It’s just off the main part of town on a quiet street, it’s just a short hike to the port and everything else you need is within walking distance.  The fact that the hotel is literally in the shadows of an old castle, also, is very cool.

Score: 100

The Staff

Sharon and her husband are as jovial and welcoming as any guesthouse staff that I’ve ever come across.  They do their best not only to make you feel welcome, but to feel at home.  They are very personable and they cook up a mean breakfast to boot.

Score: 95

Fun and Atmosphere

Well it’s not exactly a place for “fun” in the more conventional style, Castle House is stock full of atmosphere.  As I mentioned in the intro, this is exactly what I think when I hear of an English Bed and Breakfast.  When it comes down to it, if you are looking for that English B&B experience this is one of the best places to do have it.

Score: 90


I’m not sure that there is much more to say.  I had a great time in Dover and am very glad to have been welcomed in to this guesthouse.  I would highly recommend it to anyone heading to Dover.

If you would like more information on the Castle House Guesthouse click here.

Overall Score: 94

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