After coming from Portugal, I wasn’t looking forward to staying at Spanish hostels again. The hostels I stayed at in Spain so far were far below standard and the Portuguese hostels had been phenomenal. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this hostel, and with Seville in general. That being said, I definitely did have some issues with the hostel. I’ll go through my usual analysis


I liked the rooms. I was in a dorm room and there was a tonne of space. The beds were a good size and were comfortable as well. There was an added bonus of a little bit of an outdoor area to the room. The bathroom was of the ensuite variety, was big and had good showers. There were also lockers that were electronically accessed with your room key.

Score: 95


Not really great facilities at this hostel. The WiFi was down for the first day I was there. There are two computers for client use, but they are painfully slow. There is a kitchen but it is tiny. Breakfast is good, and included. The only problem is they don’t really have enough seating so people jostle a bit for breakfast seating and feel rushed to eat. Also, I have a bit of a “green” gripe with the breakfast here. We used plastic cups and bowls and when I tried to wash them, I was told by staff to just throw it out and that they don’t re-use plastic cups. On the bright side, there’s a rooftop space that’s actually quite nice.

Score: 55


For the most part the staff was good. When I got there the staff was pretty helpful and willing to help. There was, however, one “middle-aged” male staff member that was a bit on the rude side. He was the type of guy who you didn’t want to ask anything to because you’re sure you’d get some snarky response. That dude really needs to smile from time to time as well. The place would have got top scores in the staff department if it wasn’t for that guy.

Score: 75

Fun and Atmosphere

When it comes to atmosphere, the hostel is lacking quite a bit. The rooms have a good vibe to them, but the rest of the hostel almost feels a bit like a hospital. It’s kind of depressing. However, fun is where Seville does things right. I had a great time doing the various activities in town. That being said, it’s not exactly the hostel putting these things together but a different organization. The hostel, however, does make sure that guests know what’s going on and does its best to get people involved.

Score: 75


The location isn’t bad. That being said, I’m not really sure there is a bad location in Seville, everything in town is within walking distance. Personally, I walked from the main train station to the hostel just fine. I also walked to all the major tourist attractions. I do think that some of the other hostels have better locations as they are just a little bit more central.

Score: 80


Honestly, after stopping in at the Oasis Hostel, Hostel One, and a couple other hostels with the pub crawl, I’m not sure that I can recommend this hostel over them.  It looks like there are actually some really nice hostels in Seville.  If I was to return to Seville I don’t think I would go back to this hostel. When I showed up at the Green hostel they were having their nightly free sangria; which is always a good way to get guest to come together and meet. You could just sense that the vibe was better there. So although this hostel wasn’t a bad one by any stretch of the imagination, I think they could be doing better than they are. And I think that you can do better at one of the other hostels in town.

Overall Score: 76

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