If you’ve been following this travel photography blog a bit of late, you’ll know that I’ve been going a little bit stir crazy here in Alberta.  It’s not that Canada isn’t amazing and full of really cool places to see, it’s just that I haven’t had wheels for most of the time I’ve been here.  As such, it’s been a bit hard to get around.  And, sure, we’ve gone on a couple cool excursions to places like Jasper, and earlier in the month we did a big Alberta road trip.  However, I’m a traveller, and if I’m not moving around at least a couple times a week, I go nuts.  Thankfully, I got together with the people at Enterprise rent-a-car to set up a sweet road trip out to Drumheller: land of prairies, hoodoos, and dinosaurs.

Check out the “On Location” video, and be sure to check out all the photos from the trip below.

Why Drumheller?

You’re probably wondering why I chose to go to Drumheller, out of all the cool places in Alberta.  Well, for one, it’s a place that I haven’t been to for a really long time.  I head out to the mountains every time I come back home and spend a lot of time in them.  I was really itching to do something different.

Brendan van Son

Photo Credit to Tiffany Wuest of www.worldmeetsgirl.com

Also, I had never shot travel photography in Drumheller.  The whole point of hooking up with Enterprise was to show how grabbing a rental car for a couple of days could help you pursue your passion.  And, obviously, my passion is taking cool images of interesting places.  Moreover, Drumheller is such a diverse place to shoot.  You’ll see it when you check out the images, but in just 3 days we shot hoodoos, a canyon, the prairies, an old mine, a cool railroad bridge, and a museum full of dinosaurs.  It really is a cool place to shoot.

brendan enterprise

Getting ready to leave Calgary

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Drumheller, Alberta

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Largest Dinosaur in the World

Photos from Drumheller and Area

As I mentioned earlier, the photos from Drumheller actually came out really well.  I’m very happy not only with the quality of the images, but the variety.  I managed to add about 15 images from the trip to various stock portfolios, so I’m extremely pleased about that.  The trip was definitely a success.

Hoodoos, Drumheller

The hoodoos just south of Drumheller.

Drumheller, Farm

Shot this image midday. Love the low light during winter in Canada. Not so much a fan of the cold though.

The prairies

Classic looking red barn.

Horsethief Canyon, Drumheller

Horsethief Canyon, just outside of Drumheller.

Hay bales, Canada

Tiffany out shooting hay bales.

Pump jack, Drumheller

These pump jacks are all over the Drumheller area. Actually made for good subjects on the prairies.

Brendan van Son

Trying to re-create a rock album cover image on an old steel bridge.

Midland coal, Drumheller

Messing around with some black and white in the blue hour at Midland Coal.

Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller

Inside the Royal Tyrrell museum

Dinosaur Skeleton, Drumheller

Dinosaur re-constructing in the museum.


The road leading to Drumheller

Prairies, Drumheller

Classic prairie view in alberta

Prairies, Drumheller

Grain silos out on the flats.

What’s next on the Travel Photography Blog?

This week, we’ll be unboxing and giving a quick review on the specs of the 7D Mark ii.  Then, I’ve got a second article from this trip to Drumheller where I’ll walk you through some of the images and show you my thought process and how I edited them.  Then, we’re off on a wicked ski trip to Whistler before heading to the US after Christmas.

** This article was sponsored in part by Enterprise Rent-a-Car. A big thanks to them for helping make this trip a reality and allowing me to pursue my passion. **

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