I have a lot more to say about the Rockhouse Hotel, so I will keep this description brief and will likely have a post about this boutique hotel in Negril, Jamaica up in a week or two.  The Rockhouse Hotel is Jamaica’s top boutique hotel.  It is quite obviously luxiourious, but it is also charming, charismatic, and cozy (and I’m sure a number of other c-word descriptors can also apply here).  The view from the Rockhouse Hotel is one that can really only be captured in panorama.

Rock View Hotel Panorama

Rock View Hotel Panorama – Click for an even larger image

How I Got this Shot

There’s nothing all too special about getting a panoramic image.  Basically you just take the images you want and then place them in the program and let it work its magic.  There are some little things though that will help you get this type of shot.  1) Envision your panoramic before you shoot your photo.  The pano will look different in photo form than in person so think about how you want your image to look.  2) Shoot wider than you think. When you make a panoramic image a lot of the photograph gets shuffled around and sometimes you lose parts of the picture because of distortions.  To be sure your get the whole scene shoot wider than you think you’ll need because parts can be cropped later; they can’t be added.  3) Take more images than you think you’ll need.  Most programs need about 33% overlap to make a proper pano, I usually make it so it’s a 50% overlap.  Again, you can never have too much information, but sometimes you can have too little. 4) Still practice good photo skills.  Don’t just think that by making an image wide it will automatically make it a great image.  You still need to shoot the right light, subject, and techniques.

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