The Other Side of Sex Tourism: The Bumsters of The Gambia

Whether it is South-East Asia or Latin America, sex tourism is something that not only exists, but happens in extremely high frequency and out in plain sight.  The subject is relevant almost everywhere you travel.  In fact, I have even written about it in the case of Costa Rica prostitution.  But the truth is that I’ve always seen one side of the topic.  I’ve only seen western men smoking cigars while enjoying the company of a half dozen young women all trying their best to look entertained.  However, in The Gambia I came to the realization that there is definitely another side to the sex tourism trade.

On just about every single beach in The Gambia you see it.  Strapping local boys, all chiselled to the core, walking hand in hand with middle (if not well beyond middle-aged) women.  They call the men “Bumsters” in the Gambia, although the term doesn’t only refer to the male prostitutes.  The Bumsters are everywhere, as are the women looking to “use their services”.  It’s something I didn’t expect to come across in my travels, nor is it a story you ever hear make the news.

To many of us the idea of a gigolo is almost amusing.  Whereas female prostitution is seen as a serious issue, we often joke about the male version as being the perfect profession.  And perhaps it’s because sex among men is seen as a privilege, but our optics when focused on the issue doesn’t look as punishing as it does when viewing the female circumstance.

Unlike the sad stories you hear of desperate women looking to earn a living when it comes to female prostitution, in the case of the Bumsters, I kept hearing about how the Bumsters themselves were the ones taking advantage of lonely European women shackled by years of work-imposed boredom.  In many ways, it comes down to gender doesn’t it?  Well, at least how we look at gender as a society.  But does the fact that historically men have held a sexual dominance make this case any less important?

The general perception of men in our society is of power, control, and command; whether we admit it or not.  So when we see a Bumster walking with a white woman in West Africa rarely do we look at the idea that he is being exploited by the woman because he is poor and needs the money.  Rather, we look at the Bumster as taking advantage of a situation, a means of income.  Hell, we even look at the bumster and think that he’s probably pretty happy with his means of employment.  I mean, a man being paid to have sex? It sounds like a dream come true to the juvenile men of this world.

The truth of the matter is likely completely different.  Although these men may in fact take some pleasure in their employment – truthfully the sheer mechanics of the male physical engine requires such – we have to wonder if the world will ever look at them as victims.

But really, who is taking advantage of whom?  Is anyone being taken advantage of?  Does it even matter?

You see, in many ways, seeing the trade being plied from the other side of the coin seems to give it different light.  I’m not for, nor against prostitution.  I believe in freedom of choice.  I believe that if one’s choices doesn’t negatively impact the lives of others than they should be given the freedom to do as they choose.  In much of the world, pimps create victims, in which case there are obvious issues.  There is also the issue of human trafficking which is also often link to prostitution.  However, in The Gambia, just as is the case in much of Costa Rica, these workers are freelancers and enter the industry by their own choice.

If I were a bumster would you judge me? Or High-Five me?

Who are we to say that their choice of how to make a living is right or wrong if it hurts no one in the process?  Sure, on the surface you can question the Johns, or in this case the Susans(?), on ethical grounds.  And you can of course derive a number of other questions such as should it be legal to do something that can damage your own being?  But at the end of the day, those who judge should learn to make their own peace with the decisions they make in life and hope that their teachings of what it means to be a “good” person carry forward.  Judgement is made by the weak and insecure, and as the old adage goes, unless you have walked in someone else’s shoes, one has no right to pass judgment.

In my opinion, the Bumsters of The Gambia are an issue.  They make certain people feel insecure, worried for their safety when walking the beaches alone, and annoyed by their persistence   But at the end of the day, the onus of their trade, and the status of their existence, relies entirely on those who buy into their service.  For me, I’ll avoid the beaches of The Gambia to avoid them.  But I’m not going to judge the women who travel to find companionship, even if they pay for it.  Regardless, the case of the Bumsters in The Gambia provides an interesting case study not only in regards to the other side of sex tourism, but also gender roles and perceptions in general.

What are your thoughts?

Author: Brendan van Son

Author: I am a travel writer and photographer from Alberta, Canada. Over my years as a travel photographer, I have visited 6 of the 7 continents and more countries than I have any desire to count. If you want to improve your skills, be sure to check out my travel photography channel on Youtube . Also, check out my profile on . to learn a little bit more about me and my work.

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  1. I’ve met a fair few women who have had flings with men local to the place they’re travelling in, though not all the guys have been part of an established scene like this. Female sex tourism is a fascinating topic, which is really worth more investigation.

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    • Val – I wonder if the women that have had flings you know… do they buy gifts, travel, etc. for these men… or is it just pleasure? There is such a fine line between a fling, being a sugar mommma, and using a prostitute it seems.

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    • Hi – I am making a documentary with Jodie Marsh about how women’s life choices are changing when it comes to sex and relationships. We are looking for single articulate women who travel abroad to have holiday flings with younger locals? Please let me know if you know anyone who may wish to talk to me further about this, many thanks, Cheryl Price

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      • Hi Cheryl,
        I don’t know anyone in particular, myself. However, spend a day or so on the beach in the Gambia and I’m sure you’ll find a half dozen.

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  2. Fascinating article. I’m not sure what to think. I guess each boy’s got different circumstances, different reasons for doing what he does. Some of those reasons must be tragic and I suppose not all of them would choose to spend their lives this way if they felt like they had other options. Long-term, what will they be left with when they’re too old to pull in the ladies? But… if it’s their choice, it’s their choice, right?

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    • Holly – Exactly the point I think. It’s their choice. The fact that we are having so much discussion about it alone shows that it’s an issue. However, does it really effect any of us other than we have to see it from afar?

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  3. Very interesting article Brendan. I found it very interesting to observe in Southeast Asia, once I got into the areas where it is extremely common. The interesting thing was that in Vietnam and Thailand it was all Western men and Asian women but Cambodia seemed more likely to go the way of the Gambia. There were lots of women with Cambodian men, and after talking to a local Canadian hotel manager, he said that Cambodian “boyfriends” were extremely common. The guys hoped for similar things to the women who partake in it: potential betterment of life, a little money, and some travel opportunity.

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    • Heather – I see the “boyfriend/girlfriend” situation all over the place too. That brings to light a whole new question doesn’t it? Is there a difference between being a sugar momma/daddy and prostitution??

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  4. Long before it was so common to see African street-hawkers in the resorts of the Canary Islands, I was sitting with a friend in a beachside bar when an African guy approached our table selling whatever it was he was selling back then. I’m guessing I was probably around 50 at the time. Although he wasn’t vulgar at all, and was completely friendly he made it very obvious that he was hoping to come across women like those who visit his country, which was Gambia. I had heard about it, so I wasn’t surprised, and as two independent women we found it very amusing, and we joked about it for days afterwards. It did cross my mind that some women might have found it intimidating though, and certainly in a different venue. I have to say that I very much want to visit Gambia but the idea of being pestered does put me off. It doesn’t scare me, but it would irritate me in the same time share touts irritate me.

    The idea of prostitution doesn’t offend me if it’s the person’s own choice, and not controlled by pimps. Although at this level I think it’s done out of desperation. Only those, male or female, making a lot of money could really deny that I think. I have known several guys from Gambia and their basic ideas about the sexes are really quite old-fashioned by our standards in the West……you know, men are kings & women are chattels – more or less.

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    • Linda – Interesting perspective. The problem in the Gambia is that the beaches are unoccupied, and this is where the bumsters operate. It’s completely remote and a little bit unnerving. Also, if you’ve ever encountered a bumster, you’d know that no doesn’t mean no. It means grab my arm and stop me… it does become a problem. In this sense, people are being hurt (or at least annoyed). Personally, I think the gov’t should do something to clean it up because it’s hurting their tourism industry despite the claims that sex-tourists bring in revenue.

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    • I think you should visit The Gambia it isn’t as bad as people are posting it ,prostitution is only seen late at nite on one street that’s if you want to visit them type of places it’s peaceful people are lovely friendly,I’ve never been hassled no more than anywhere else abroad also the weather is great , thinking buying apartments there

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  5. The same thing happens on the beaches in Kenya- I think you’re right, if there’s a paying market, then enterprising people will find a way to meet the demand.

    I’m curious if these male sex workers also have sex with men? In the U.S. I worked with male sex workers and their main customers were other men. I think women are much more reluctant to pay for sex.

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    • Hi Emily – I think that from what I saw in Latin America it was the same as the US. Most male prostitutes had clients who were men. I think, however, that the clients in The Gambia were mostly all female. Homosexuality is illegal in The Gambia I believe and it would likely be a bit risky.

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  6. I just wonder why they call them Bumsters – it seems a more apt name for male homosexual prostitutes rather than heterosexual ones. I wonder where the name came from?

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    • Tom – I thought the same thing initially, but it’s apparently not the case. I was told the term comes from the fact that bumsters aren’t just male prostitutes but anyone trying to sell something forcefully to tourists. The word comes from the term “bum” as in, that good for nothing homeless “bum”…. from what I’m told.

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  7. The sex trade is one of the oldest professions known to man. There would be no point to judge it -it’s been around awhile and chances are good it’s not going anywhere. Do I feel that some are forced into the trade without a choice, yes. Do I feel that some feel they have no other options or abilities for other professions, yes. Would I want to see one of my children in the profession, no. You bring up a good point however, women can have sex without arousal…not so simple for men. So is it the same for young men and older women…who knows, perhaps they are aroused by the fact that someone will pay to have sex with them, regardless of the age factor.

    Now about middle aged women, at 43 I fall into that category and I think that we ladies should look after ourselves well enough that we don’t have to pay for sex. Men should just be interested in us . . . .

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    • Great points Michelle… And I guess I never thought of this… but I guess guys could always just use something like Viagra!

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    • hey these happen everywhere dont only talk abt Gambians, and not all the Gambians are desparate. I am proud to be a Gambia and we are Gambians to be proud say wht ever u like against us we will take it.

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      • Hey mister Solomon, the truth is that this doesn’t happen everywhere. I’ve been to over 50 countries and haven’t seen it in the same regard as I did in the Gambia. If you read my article, however, you’d understand that I wasn’t condemning the Gambia or bumsters in general. I really enjoyed the Gambia. The one thing, however, I would say is that the agressiveness of vendors, and bumsters was far too much. It made it hard to feel relaxed. You should be proud to be Gambian, but also take pride in doing your best to make sure the country is the best it can be in every way.

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        • I have visited The Gambia, and you are only telling the fact about “Bump sters” let’s get it straight stop your mess…I’ve seen old behind white women in groves coming there to marry and have sex with those good looking black young men. Why? are you saying whose taking advantage of whom…Those men don’t come there it’s the white women coming there to show off their money and buy those men. White women are not victims they are willing and anxious to have sex with those young black men. Afterwords, go back to their lives and live a big lie like they are so innocent…Give me a break! I,ve seen it with my own eyes, as had approached one white women on the beach talking to a young black man, she had seen me and almost panicked trying to not let me see her face. She was surly doing something wrong. I really think you need to stop acting like white women are so innocent, they are nasty and like black men, period. They just won’t let their friends, or husbands know this is what they’re doing. We see this daily! Stop the mess, tell the truth. Most Gambia men don’t care for white women they need funds to feed their families, these people come over trying to push terrible agenda for sex. If you can’t go to a country to enjoy yourself, don’t go their trying to exploit our people. Nasty white women…..

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  8. VIAGRA!!!! I never thought of Viagra either!!!! Yes that would make things work!

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  9. Exploitation of human beings should not continue specially women. I never knew that men could also offer their services to women as well. Something like this happens everywhere and its a sad thing.

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  10. The interesting thing was that in Vietnam and Thailand it was all Western men and Asian women but Cambodia seemed more likely to go the way of the Gambia.Many people who have been conned & cheated, just cut their losses, and retreat from Gambia leaving the con man or woman with the spoils of their work – which is why it seems to be such a good business for new bumsters.

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  11. Exactly the same thing is going on in Bali/Indonesia and in Jamaica. I have witnessed it myself and I see no difference between being a sugarmama/daddy or using prostitutes. In both cases money is used as a crutch to get love/sex.

    The worst thing is that women going to such places are labeled romantic/in search of true love and guys going to Thailand or the Philippines are labeled dirty sex tourists while there is no difference.

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  12. This unfortunate business is also quite common in the West Indies, where they’re known as “beach boys”. Either way you slice it, their existence is actually pretty sad.

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    • Jeanette… it sucks, but I guess people have to earn a living somehow. So I wouldn’t say their existence is sad, but the fact that this is one of the only ways they can earn a living is sad.

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  13. So called ‘Bumsters’ and sex workers in the Gambia are forced into this trade by an unfortunate situation of having no option to make ends meet in life. Though not every Gambian youth in the same situation will choose to sell sex, those who chose are driven by a wild ambition to travel, build a house, drive a car and live a so called flamboyant lifestyle. Traveling to Europe and America is seen here as a sure way of making it in life whilst securing visas are becoming more difficult for the average person so these youths believe having a relationship with a westerner pays from the onset with material and financial benefits, and for the medium and long term, marriage will secure them all rights to get a legal entry in countries where life will be much better for them. On the other side of the coin, western men and women interested in sexual relationships during their vacations benefits from an already existing product which is driven by their spending power. The issues here is ethics…if both are looking for honest relationships then there is nothing wrong with it but where one has hidden agendas, it is rather unfair on the other.

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  14. The Gambia does have a high rate of sex tourism. You only have to look around to see young Gambian males, many with women a lot older than themselves. I have seen women in their 70’s with 25 yer olds. As has been pointed out people will do whatever it takes when there is a need for money/monetary goods. The problems start when these guys pretend to love these women and promise the woman that they are “the only one”. Typically, Gambian men don’t have one woman, they have a few and many of them also marry more than one woman. They have polygamous marriages. Its quite strange that they often marry the toubab (foreign woman) when they are often already married to Gambian women or other foreign women(often unknown to the toubab). It is clear that they enter into these relationships for financial gain, its nothing to do with love. I’ve seen many women duped into these marriages, thinking its real love. Also, Ive known of lot of Gambian/white woman marriages where the guys real wife(Gambian) attends the wedding of the toubab. Very strange indeed!!! I guess its true that love is blind!!!!

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    • The Gambia is a lovely country to visit, outside of the tourist areas. The tourist areas are full of Gambian young boys with old foreign women which is very yuk to see. These women should be ashamed of themselves, paying men for sex and poor men at that. I have witnessed many of these awful sights there and these stupid women think these guys love them?? really? get real.. these guy are with young Gambian girls. Gambian men DONT have one woman… they like a lot so to say

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  15. The really interesting question for me is why are European women doing this?
    Is it: for a sex fling – no strings attached; a souvenir fantasy to take home? Or something else? Alot of women I know despair of men who are not interested in a serious relationship. The agonising inner dialogues of ‘should I phone him?’ ‘is he in to me?’ wear a girl out! The dating websites are doing massive business, but seem to encourage people to check out the next one and the next one. Likewise many women of a certain age feel “invisible” in our society: they’re simply written off sexually at an age when they may actually be both sexually confident and competent. The frank and flattering attention paid by men abroad is not least because courtship there is less fraught with uncertainty and many such societies are also less agist. Women aren’t paying for it after all. Many of these relationships end in marriage, some cynically for visas/flats true, but not all. Not all of it should be called tourism at all. It’s more of a reflection on our attitudes to relationships.

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  16. I am a Gambian and it’s a fact that the sex tourism is high. It’s really something our government has to work on since tourism plays a big role in The Gambia.
    It’s also a fact that these so called bumsters are in most cases school dropouts. Guys who have selfish ambitions. Most of them are desperate to live abroad with the perception that they can be financially protected and receive better benefits or smooth life abroad. So they would do anything to execute their aims which is their priority.
    I don’t think you will easily see a normal man with adequate education and ethics following western ladies for money, visas etc unless it is real.

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  17. Hi all, am 32 years old now. When i was in my 20’s, was a visitor to this place. All the women who are visiting this place are not just for sex with any men. As i know, the women who visits such places would like to find a boyfriend but never take him straight to her bed. She will study about him completely sometimes it may take couple of weeks. Almost all women are concerned to find a boy other than male prostitutes. They would like to find boys from airports, super markets, coffee shops all. The second choice is young married boys and it gives her a confidence that he is not sleeping with multiple women. If they couldnt find such fresh or married young boys only the final choice is to find out male prostitutes or some may return back to her home country because never feel to sleep with call boys.

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  18. I am a sixty year old woman who has just returned from The Gambia. I was travelling alone and my main reason for going was the wildlife. The constant harassment for the young bumsters and male prostitutes spoilt my holiday.

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  19. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been to the Gambia (both for work and on holiday) and I’ve written about it many times on my blog. The bumster problem is much more complicated than straight forward prostitution. These young men are trying to make a living whether they show a couple around as an informal guide or take you bird-watching (when they know very little about birds) or they chat up lonely women, pretend to be in love with them and then try and fleece them for as much as they can. On the flip side I’m amazed at how many women fall for it. It drives me crazy though that every one, visitors and tourists alike, seem to assume if you are of a certain age (as I am) and travelling there alone, that you are after a fit, young toy boy. It’s not just the bumsters though, that are eager for a Western girlfriend. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking around with a sign saying meal ticket stuck to my forehead as the taxi drivers, waiters, cleaners, school teachers and even a journalist I met there on business, seemed to think their luck was in. I’ve just come back from a week photographing hotels and had a magical time but I wish I could go there without everyone assuming I’m on the prowl for a man.

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    • Gambia is a beautiful country with so much to offer. Natural beauty, wildlife, fishing, culture, but the problem is it’s very lazy Minister for Tourism who do little or nothing to attract the kind of tourist who might like something other than a smelly bumster stalking them hounding them, harassing them.

      Yes Gambia Tourism does not try, it is lazy, the sit back on their laurels and the desperate old men and women fly in for a fling, laden with expensive gadgets, I hear it used to be a t.shirt these days it is more like to be an iPad, iPhone, Laptop,and for the truly gullible multiple acres of land.

      Gambia has been tainted, destroyed by five decades of tourism. Tourists flying in from Europe the UK all seeking something and prepared to pay for it. Exploiting poverty.

      I have seen a rasta argue at a check in at Banjul airport, he was carrying an enormous wood carving, a present for his 82 year old wife, he looked not more than 35. That is usual in the Gambia. He had been visiting his much younger Gambian wife and children,

      If you travel to Sanyang, there is a very seedy little bar called Travellers, packed out each day with losers who are drinking and smoking (weed) themselves to an early death. They drink there 24/7, all courtesy of naive toubaba who buy them 4×4’s, send them remittances via Western Union, buy them land. All of them are married to Gambian women, some have two or three Gambian wives, yet they drink their lives away into a drunken oblivion.

      One loafer called Mike owns a state of the art range Rover that he cannot drive, he pays an alcoholic called Alex to drive him around back and forth to Casamance to do his grubby little ganja deals.

      The local Sanyang police and the NIA know all about Mike and his loafer alcoholic pals who drink all day and all night in Traveller’s bar but they are on the take and do nothing about it. They drink and smoke with them and accept back handers.

      The foreign wives know these alcoholic losers all have Gambian wives but they keep sending them money.

      Mike has been kicked out of Austria twice for selling drugs. Even when they make it Europe these losers do not want to work. His chubby little 67 year old Austrian wife fought Austrian burocracy to get his lazy arse back to Vienna.

      So my point is there is a mug born every minute.

      Yes Gambia has a problem with Bumsters/Male whores. But so long as you have tubby little women like Mike’s 67 year old fat ugly wife sending him money, maintaining his two Gambian wives, buying his Range Rovers, fighting to get him back to Austria, nothing will change, and the Gambian Tourism Board is perfectly happy with the status quo. Let some gullible toubab take their male whores off their hands, since they are not likely to provide them with jobs.

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  20. It is disgusting that so many of my fellow Gambians are prepared to con trick and scam foreign women as a means to gain a visa out of poverty. There are other options available to them but many of them are not prepared to get their hands dirty.

    There is always construction work happening from example, there is also clearing of land work, and this pays a daily rate. I have never been afraid of hard work or afraid of getting my hands dirty.

    You will see children as young as seven selling peanuts on the streets, if they are prepared to work why not the grown men who are mentioned in the previous post prepared to work.

    It is all too easy to find an old woman to fund your lazy lifestyle and that is the problem in my country. Men who are too lazy or too unwilling to work for an honest day’s pay.

    However some foreigners are also to blame. The Gambia has the highest number of fake charities which many toubabs are exploiting, raising money in the UK to sponsor their holidays in the Gambia, for months at a time, a a tiny percentage of this charity money goes towards the actual children or the school or clinic they claim to be raising money for.

    One example of a fraudulent charity is the Gambia Reality School, but ‘School’ is questionable since no teaching has ever happened in this sham charity school.

    The woman who set up this ‘charity’ is called Suzy Hawkins a 60 year old married woman from Firl in East Sussex UK. You can find her on Facebook if you Google Suzy Hawkins Firle Sussex. You will see pictures of her cuddling a tiger, and driving her expensive car at a classic car motor rally in the UK.

    Since 2009 Suzy Hawkins who also works as a wages clerk for a UK charity WRVS has been raising money for this sham charity.

    I can vouch for the fact that no teaching has happened in this sham school run by two Bumster brothers Lamin and ‘Bubba’ Bob two layabout locals from Sanyang for whom Suzy bought a taxi for Lamin and a £4,000 Jeep for his brother Bob, all from charity funds.

    Money from this ‘school’ has also funded the illegal Black and White beach Bar in Sanyang beach, demolished three years ago for not having a license but still operated by Bob and his Senegalese woman – Momma, a violent women who has been known to physically assault customers.

    This bar is still operating ilegaly, there have been many reports of food poisoning as a result of no refrigeration of food.

    Funds from the sham Gambia Reality School have been chanelled into this beach bar and also to a Mini Market in Sanyang, the Mini Market was closed down as a result of prostitution and soliciting by the women who served there.

    So much for the middle class housewife from East Sussex Suzy Hawkins. You will note from her website /blog that she asked for the mention of ‘Lamin’s Taxi’ to be ‘Removed ASAP’ when the local police began to ask questions on why no teaching happens in the Gambia Reality School.

    So you see some Toubabs are as corrupt and nasty as the Bumsters and some Toubabs are defrauding charity money to fund their many holidays in the smiling coast.

    Yvette Powell and her daughter from Birmingham have also raised £many thousands for their charity and use the funds to fly to the Gambia three times a year.

    These are just two examples I am sure there are many more Brits and Europeans misappropriating charity funds, since the Gambia does not have a Charity Commission to oversee and inspect these so called ‘charities’ which are thieving from the genuinely needy Gambian children and depriving them of an education.

    Shame on you Suzy Hawkins and both your Bumster boyfriends Lamin and Bob (Bubba)

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  21. Sex tourism is rife in the Gambia as is promiscuity.

    The cheaper seedier hotels such as Badala Park, Palm Beach and Mansea Beach actively target the sex tourism market, they even encourage the masses of bumsters who take up residence outside their gates to bring in elderly men and women, and give these prostitutes a commission, which is why the cheaper Gambian owned hotels always have a large group of vile aggressive scumbag bumsters manning their gates.

    STD’s and HIV is widespread as is Herpes in the Gambia (90 and the official figures, which are ‘over2%’ have not been verified for the last ten years, why? because none of the bumsters will want to have themselves checked out, they cannot be bothered to spend the 100 Dalasi that it would cost them to have themselves tested for STD’s or HIV. They would prefer to spend the money on another Julbrew or Spliff. And the AfriCell top up is way more important to them than spending on knowing their HIV status.

    Herpes is rife in the Gambia, 90% stage two Herpes is the actual figure. HIV is way higher than the 2% official figure.

    So the old women and men who travel to the Gambia for sex with younger male/female hookers are dicing with death. Playing Russian Roulette.

    A Bumster male whore, lives on his wits, he lives for today. Will he attract some old woman who will buy him a meal a beer, give him 100 Dalasi. He does not care to know if he has an STD or not.

    Unprotected sex is the norm in the Gambia. Just look around you, see all of the very young women with a baby in a sling, another on their back, another two holding their hands, and these young women are still in their teens.

    While ‘Arabic Schools’ which hammer the Quoran into children daily is widespread, sex education is non existent, hence the population explosion, and the rise in HIV and STD’s.

    Remember you are dicing with death by having unprotected sex with a Gambian man or woman.

    Life is precious, do not play Russian Roulette with it.

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