With such a massive jump in the amount of photographers in the world since the arrival of the digital camera, photographers are having a much more difficult time setting themselves apart and showcasing their work to the world.  In fact, the job of a photographer has changed so drastically, that one now spends just about as much time promoting and building networks as they do taking pictures.  That being said, it doesn’t have to be such a challenge, one doesn’t have to fight constantly to promote their work.  In fact, the rise of online galleries and photo communities has made it easier than every to get your work out there.  Below, I have listed a couple ideas for getting your work out to the world.

Photo Communities

There are so many photo communities out there that deciding which one to go with can be a challenge in itself.  The most popular community is Flickr, but personally I worry that there are simply so many people on flickr that your work could get lost in the shuffle of things.  Personally, I much prefer sites like 500px.com and and 1x.com which really focus on professional art photography.

Online Art Galleries

The usual idea of an art gallery is a big white building with a scattering of art pieces and people staring at them with their hands behind their back.  However, today more people are heading to online art galleries and art fair online galleries.   I think that the most popular online art gallery right now is called uGallery.com but there are a number of others including quite popular ones like imagekind.com.

Social Media

There’s now more social media than ever, and photographers haven’t been left behind in this regard.  Even iPhone photography takers have seen a massive jump with programs like Instagram.  However, traditional photographers will see a massive boost to their brand by successfully using such social media outlets as Twitter, G+, and of course facebook.

Stock Photography

Getting paid as a stock photographer is only part of the deal.  Placing your images in a stock gallery opens up all sort of opportunities for paid gigs if the right person sees your work.  Sure, you can earn money as a stock photographer, but you should be looking at the bigger picture, getting your images online to an audience interested in buying your work can lead to really big things.  The biggest microstock sites are istock.com and shutterstock.com

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