Austria has plenty of locations with mountainous backdrops and gentle slopes which make it ideal for skiers – and those who take to take a few pro snaps while they’re at it. Styria, Salzburg, Vorarlberg and Tyrol are just a few of the places in which you can find nice resorts and picking a suitable one is simply a matter of costs, altitude, weather, and your knowledge on skiing.

Skiing Austria

Where to stay in Austria

Austria has a dozen charming villages that offer fantastic runs with some more suited for young children and teens, and others designed to meet the needs of first timers who want time away from crowds. Advanced skiers should head to St Anton in Tyrol for some of the most challenging terrain, while decent baby slopes can be found around Ellmau and the Kaprun portion of Zell am See ski region.

If you’re looking for elegant ski chalets, Austria, first check your priorities. Do you want a catered ski experience with an experienced chef on hand when you come in from a long day’s adventuring? Or do you prefer to check in and out as you please in self-catered accommodation, and save a little more cash for the après ski? In some locations, you’ll also find ski-in ski-out chalets where you can strap on your equipment and head straight out of the door.

Skiing Austria-2

Taking shots out on the slopes

If you love photography, you will not want to miss out on the great opportunities that fellow skiers present. The main variables to watch out for in Austria are dramatic changes in lighting, extreme weather and the speed of the skiers, which can make or break the quality of your photos.

Take the time to make certain that the camera exposure is right – the light bouncing off the snow can cause very overexposed images if you don’t make adjustments. Make a few light meter readings from your skin and allow an extra half or full stop to adjust.
Try to introduce a little contrast when you’re framing shots to avoid a blank expanse of snow but don’t rule out using the flash to illuminate human subjects. The main aim for ski photographers is motion capture, so line up your subjects so that they’re coming towards you to reduce the risk of blur.

Skiing Austria

Dealing with the weather conditions is a matter of camera care. Crouching at a low angle can for example enable you to take captivating airborne photos of a jumping skier but if your photography gear isn’t properly sealed, it can get damaged even before you start using it. Purchase a rain cover and think about the temperature as well – minus degrees aren’t good for taking photos, so you might want to keep it inside your ski jacket until the last minute.

Whether your passion lies with the most thrilling black runs or your camera, Austria is a great place to see some action on the slopes.

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