One of the most beautiful things about travel is the food involved.  In fact, it could be argued that we often remember a place not because of the people, the sights, or the destination itself but the food.  More often than not our descriptions of a place are all related to the food.  When we get home, people are more likely to ask us what the food is like than anything else.  Personally, I have been lucky to have sampled some of the world’s finest cuisine.  I love food, and just writing this article about some of my favourite places to get grub in the world is making my mouth salivate.

La Boca del Lobo – Quito, Ecuador

Located just outside the main square in Quito’s Mariscal, La Boca del Lobo is one of the best restaurants in all of South America.  In comparison to the prices at nearby restaurants it’s a little bit on the pricey side.  However, for what it is, it is one the best value meals in the world.  My personal favourite dish served is the “alitas de pollo” which were chicken wings cooked in coconut.  Amazing.

Burswood Steakhouse – Perth, Australia

Very few things get me going more than a good steak and this steakhouse in Perth, Australia does it well.  That being said, Burswood isn’t restricted to a steakhouse only.  They also serve fantastic Japanese food, and have some great pubs to go along with their restaurants.  In many ways, Burswood is more than just a restaurant but a staple item in the identity of the Perth cuisine scene.

Aviz Cafe – Porto, Portugal

If you ever go to Porto, Portugal the one thing that you need to try is a “francesinha“.  Essentially, francesinha is a piece of meat surrounded by french fries and then baked in with tomato sauce and cheese.  On the surface it looks like a little bit of a “simple” meal, but as you dig in you’ll wonder why more places don’t do this.  There’s something special to the francesinha too, it seems to have the power to fill even the most powerful appetite.  This especially goes down well with a bottle of local green wine. Aviz Cafe did the best francesinha I tried while in Porto and, believe me, I tried quite a few.

Maamm Bolduc – Montreal, Quebec

Like the francesinha of Porto, the poutine is a marked trade piece.  In fact, when many people think of Quebec, Canada their first thoughts are drawn to poutine.  Despite the fact that this dish is known among almost all Canadians as being about the most truly Canadian dish, Montreal really is the poutine mecca.  Maamm Bolduc is the best of the best when it comes to this dish of fries, gravy and cheese curds, and should be included to any visit to the city.

Pepenero – Marrakesh, Morocco

You’ll find plenty of good food in Marrakesh, but perhaps the best is Pepereno.  This fancy place will definitely set your wallet back a little bit, but every mouth watering bite of the cuisine will make it worth it.  For your buck, there are few places in the entire world that will make you salivate like this piece of culinary gold.  Pepenero is packed with atmosphere as well, but with food this good it is hardly necessary to draw people in.

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