As someone who has travelled as much as I have, airline safety videos are basically just noise in the background of that pre-flight routine.  I could probably stand up there in the aisle in the flight attendant’s place doing the whole play-by-play myself.  It’s to the point that I’ve basically drowned them out.  Nowadays, the airline safety video has basically just become noise in the background to serve as a lullaby that hopefully put me to sleep before we start the take off and that punishing mid-flight white noise keeps me awake.

However, Air New Zealand has been setting the tone lately creating airline safety videos that are not only watchable, but completely entertaining.  After having some of their previous safety videos go completely viral, like this one featuring Betty White or this other one featuring The Hobbit, Air New Zealand is at it again with a new video putting some bikini clad beauties on your in-flight entertainment systems.

Shot in the incredible Cook Islands, the latest Air New Zealand video teams up with Sport Illustrated, and more specifically the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Featuring classic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models like Christie Brinkley and newer models like the stunning Hannah Davis, and Ariel Meredith.  It also brings in plenty of local island people as well.  Believe me, this is going to be an airline safety video that your eyes won’t be able to look away from watching.

Anyways, this video is the making of the Air New Zealand / Sports Illustrated safety video.  Check it out!


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