I came across a really interesting study, conducted by the hotel-chain Travelodge, the other day.  The study, which you can read via this link, points at something I assumed to be the case for a long time, which is that people in the UK are traveling more within the UK than ever before.  It’s nice to have some empirical evidence to go along with the idea.

Now, though this study focuses on the UK, I’m sure the same sort of thing applies to the United States and Canada as well.  As the world economy has waned over the past 10 years, people have been looking for adventures closer to home.  Some call it a staycation, whereas I don’t think that you need to leave your backyard to call it an adventure or at the very least a proper vacation.  I think it’s great.  I’ve been urging people, since I started this blog, to go out and explore wherever you are.  It seems that’s happening, at least a bit.

Anyways, to expand just a bit on the study, it also shows that 40% of those are staying within the UK are doing so at one of their beaches.  Which actually leads me to wonder if we need another study as to why people in the UK think that it’s OK  to call a coastline of rocks a beach.

Check out the graph for even more info and analysis:

UK Travel Infographic

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