Sydney is at its best in the height of summer when the weather is perfect, the sea is warm, the beers chilled, the beach inviting and the people relaxed. It’s incredible to have so many amazing beaches, littered around such a major metropolitan city; each surrounded by its own beach suburb. The following is a guide to five of the best beach suburbs in Sydney, with information around what to do, where to go and what makes each so special.

Beach Sydney

Spend Quality Family Time at Bronte Beach

When you book your flights to Sydney, the next thing you need to do is research Bronte Beach. Bronte is one of the more family-friendly beaches and has areas specifically reserved for barbecues and picnics alongside playgrounds for kids. It is also smack-bang in the middle of the Bronte to Coogee Walk, allowing you to access either of these beaches in about 30 minutes. Although the area is only home to a handful of restaurants and cafes, it has some of the best brunches in town!

Bask in the Relaxed Vibe of Manly

Manly has the same quality of surf, dining and actual beach as Bondi, with a more relaxed atmosphere. The food places are generally pub-themed, and almost every venue turns into a live music haunt when the sun goes down (and sometimes even when the sun is up). One of the best parts of the Manly experience is actually getting there. Take the ferry across the harbour from Circular Quay and enjoy stunning views of the Sydney Opera House, Milsons Point and various other tourist highlights. If you’re interested in taking some surf lessons, Manly is the place to do it, as the surf school is rated as being one of the best in the city, and the experience is more private than what you will get at Bondi Beach.

Coogee Means Cool

Coogee is one of the more buzzing beach suburbs with great (and affordable) nightlife, some gorgeous restaurants and a cool café scene. Coogee attracts a mixed bag of people, from backpackers and families, right through to celebrity power couples. A perfect Sunday at Coogee will include a late brunch at any one of the cafes, followed by a hit of surf and sand, topped off by a trot around the bay and finished with relaxing bevvies at the Coogee Bay Hotel. During the summer season, it can get busy in the restaurant strip; book in advance (unless you’re just planning on doing the pub thing).

Be a Bondi Babe for a Day

The pin-up of all of the beaches: What you see is what you get at Bondi. It’s packed full of beautiful people, keen to mix and mingle — and have a good time. Its popularity means privacy is non-existent, and you’ll find yourself towel to towel with your neighbour during the summer months. However, what Bondi lacks in terms of privacy, it makes up for in atmosphere. The dining is awesome, the live music is incredible and the shopping is exceptional. If you can time it right, try to catch the Bondi Markets, which are held every Sunday for most of the day. You can pick up some great bargains from up-and-coming designers who are on the cutting edge of all things fashion. You can also pick up some great eats, produce, jewellery and art.

Mull About Maroubra

Due to being further away from the city than the other Eastern Suburbs beaches, Maroubra doesn’t attract the same crowds as Coogee or Bondi, making it ideal for those who want space and privacy. It’s also a haunt for the more serious surfers, as Maroubra delivers consistently good waves, but the less experienced may want to be wary; the conditions can turn challenging quickly. Although Maroubra doesn’t have that much in the way of nightlife, it is home to some killer Sunday sessions with great live music and plenty of beer on tap. The café scene is also worth checking out, and if you take the time to wander away from the main drag, you may stumble across something quite special.


About the Author: Sophie Dell is a Bondi Beach babe with a love for surfing.

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