For those who know the type of travel I usually take part in, you’d probably be shocked to find me anywhere near a spa or jacuzzi. But believe me, by the time I reached London I was beat. I had travelled over 7 countries on 3 continents in a little over a month. I had actually gone from Haiti to London, a change that even to me is still a bit crazy.

Thus, when I got to London, a lady friend of mine could see the beating I was taking. She told me that I could use a couple spa days in London. I, of course, laughed at her and proceeded to ask her what the most exciting thing we could do in London was.

Apparently she wasn’t joking though. After a couple minutes of failed convincing she finally struck a chord.

“Would it kill you to try something new?”

I don’t like be thought of as someone who lives life from inside the box, and I realized that I have never done a spa.

“What the hell,” I say to her still not believing it. “Spa days? I guess there are worse ways to spend my time.

I’d be lying if I didn’t feel uncomfortable the entire time I was pampered. I don’t like being treated specially. I like doing things for myself, I like taking care of myself; I’ve been taking care of myself for the past 10 years. However, I continued to tell myself that this would be good for me. That I need to start taking care of myself better too. So I pushed past the fact that they tickled my feet while peeling away my callouses. I didn’t say anything when they pinched my fingers to get rid of my hang nails. And I have to say that I certainly didn’t complain when we were finally allowed to soak away conscious free in the hot tub.

Sometimes as a hard core traveller it’s a little bit difficult to let yourself be treated. You don’t think that you’ll get anything out of it, and you’ll likely wonder if your money could be spent better in other ways. However, at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with a couple days to be pampered every year. Get out of your hardcore shell and take a day at the spa.

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