Switzerland Skier

The Land of the Healthy – Active Holidays to get you Fit

A New Year Resolution to get fit is one thing; actually doing anything about it is quite another and when the nights are dark, cold and wet and the gym is miles from home it is all too easy to decide to leave it till another day. A good way of making sure that you stick with a fitness program is to build it into a holiday and there are plenty of keep-fit holidays to choose from. Before booking, it is a good idea to visit the gym or the GP to check out your current level – some of these holidays can be quite challenging and if you have any underlying medical condition, it is best to start slowly and build up to the more grueling choices.

Switzerland Skier

Boot camp

This is perhaps a bit of a hard one to start with but if you are really dedicated to getting fit, it is probably the best choice. These holidays are available in the UK and also in a number of other destinations worldwide and they can be very harsh but remember – this is not a TV show; you can leave when you like! Results are not guaranteed, but a typical weight loss in a week can be as much as 4 lbs. As a start to a new you, it may be the answer and most of the boot camps are fun. If you were an enthusiastic guide or boy scout, you will probably enjoy the jolly atmosphere, too.


Yoga is a good keep fit stratagem for anyone who wants to have a new outlook on life as well as a fitter body. Of course, there is no need to embrace the spiritual side if you don’t want to but most people who try yoga take away at least one calming exercise to use for the rest of their lives. Courses are run worldwide and you could choose from one of these to suit a non-fitness-seeking companion. Turkey is one of the best places to practice yoga.  First choice offers some great holiday packages to Turkey that allow you to take part in reinvigorating yoga sessions whilst still being able to view beautiful sceneries and take part in numerous activities.

Off-piste skiing

If you don’t have problems with dieting but do with fitness levels, this is an ideal keep-fit holiday. The food is usually spectacular, so you must either be very strict with yourself or diet when you get home, but the physical workout is great because it works every muscle-group and you will get home tighter and leaner with a lot more strength in your arm and leg muscles. Off-piste skiing is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are a confident skier it is a spectacular way to enjoy the snow. If your skills are not quite that developed, cross-country skiing is a good option, because that also works arms, legs and back muscles, so you will get fitter.