Sur Oman Bridge

The Last of Oman: Sur, the Grand Mosque of Muscat, and an Exhibition

My trip through Oman wasn’t all peaches and cream.  The organization was rough, and there were constant communication issues between the organizers and those of us brought in to photograph the country.  However, what wasn’t missing from the trip were photo opportunities.  I shake my head in wonder thinking about how many useable images from Oman I would have gotten if things were more well organized.  Even with the issues, I managed to pull the trigger on over 800 shutters, and kept about 200 files, with about 50-70 of them which I would drop in the category of useable.

Oman really is that perfect travel destination for travel photographers.  As a fellow photographer and I were discussing, from a photography standpoint, I really believe that Oman has more to offer than even some of the most popular photography destinations such as Morocco.  Oman has some wild rugged landscapes, some really interesting villages, beautiful sweeping landscapes, architecturally intriguing cities, and some very friendly people who are usually more than willing to pose for a photograph; there is even some pretty impressive bird life if you’re into that style of photography.  For a travel photographer like myself, it’s the perfect combination.  Well some destinations have wildlife, others have people, and some have landscapes worth photographing, Oman has it all.

Anyways, this final post from Oman showcases some of the images I shot in the town of Sur.  This coastal city in the south of Oman was my favourite place to shoot.  I really love that melding between sea and town.  The bright yellow rocks dipping into the milky white seas also made for a very interesting contrast in colours.  If I was on my own here in Oman, I likely would have spent a couple days along the coast in Sur shooting images.  It’s that special.

Sur, Oman Sur, Oman Sur, Oman Woman in Sur Sur, Oman skyline Sur, Oman sunset Sur Oman Bridge Sunset in Sur Asian Roller

Finally, on our last day shooting in Oman, we headed to the Grande Mosque which is massive and really beautiful.  I would have loved to come here in a more gentle light, but the mosque is only open to non-Muslim guests in the middle of the day; and I can understand that.  Still, the light on the mosque was good enough to make a couple cool photos.  I made the mistake of not shooting with my tripod in the inside of the mosque, which meant I missed a couple photos, but in the end, I got a couple I’m happy with.

Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat Grande Mosque Muscat

To finish things off in Oman, we showed off our work at the Royal Opera House in Muscat which was obviously a massive honour.  It was a fantastic experience standing proudly next to my work as some of Oman’s finest inspected the images.  The response from the local community was incredible, and the turnout was almost overwhelming.  I want to thank the people of Oman so much for being so great wherever we went!  I hope to get back again at some point.