Hawk, Pantanal, Brazil

Pretty Majestic looking bird. With that hair I call him a mo-hawk

The Pantanal, in southern Brazil, is the most bio-diverse place on earth. It is a hyper-charged playground for wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Insects float through the air and scurry along the floor, birds compete for the best spots in the trees, and a plethora of mammals race along the red earth floor. For wildlife photographers this is one of the greatest places to be, and one of the most difficult to shoot. Many of the areas are inexpressible, the majority of the wildlife is nocturnal or lives in dark areas, and the swarm of mosquitoes constantly digging at your skin makes it nearly impossible to stay still for long periods of time, let alone take a sharp hand held photograph. However, the benefits far out way the challenges. This is my wildlife photo essay of The Pantanal.

A Perched Bird near the river

A Pair of Blue Macaws in a tree at our Camp

Camouflaged Bird

A couple of playful parrots

Parrot, Pantanal, Brazil

A hidden Parrot

Kingfisher, Bird, Pantanal, Brazil

A Kingfisher in the trees

Howler Monkey, Pantanal, Brazil

A male howler monkey looking down on me

howler money, pantanal, brazil

A howler monkey female a little higher up the tree

Bird with fish, pantanal, brazil

A fishing bird with its catch

Deer, Pantanal, Brazil

A deer in a dry spot in the marshlands

Cayman, Pantanal, Brazil

A cayman watching its nest, lets see if I can get a bit closer

Cayman, Pantanal, Brazil

Mission Sucessful

Cayman food???

Capibera, Pantanal, Brazil

A Capibara: the world’s largest rodent

Butterflies, Pantanal, Brazil

A couple of Butterflies

What did I miss?

On Wednesday I posted an article about fighting through bad conditions and bad spirits in the Pantanal of Brazil.

What’s next?

How could you go to Brazil and not go piranha fishing?  I did.  Check back next week as I take you through my experience.

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