The Best Driving Adventures In the World

Every road in the world offers its own unique experience. Drivers searching for the best adventures will find everything, from secluded spaces to dangerous terrain among these journeys. Each destination showcases the finest choices for even the most knowledgeable car enthusiast.



This special road curves through the mountains of Norway and is classified as a national tourist route for the country. Waterfalls as well as fjords are a significant part of the area. Both feature prominently along the route with designated spots that allow motorists the chance to stop and take in the surroundings. Hotels near the road give visitors even more time to take in this adventure. The Eagle Road offers 11 hairpin turns that stretch along the highest elevation of the journey. Due to weather conditions, the entire Trollstigen is closed from October until May. This date fluctuates based on factors such as large snow accumulation.


The world famous destination in Germany is an important location for drivers seeking high speed laps and racing performance. Since its beginnings in the 1920s, various tracks have been home to prominent events that have included Formula One races. In addition to current races, drivers at any skill level can take part in track days that allow anyone to take on one of two courses for a fee. Days are scheduled well in advance but may change without notice. An onsite driving academy offers additional adventures including being a passenger in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 as it hits top speeds on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Families can take advantage of special activities including the Ring Kartbahn which features an indoor karting track as well as Rimo alpha karts.

Transfagarasan Highway

Built in the 1970s, this Romanian road showcases a high elevation. Mountain terrain emphasizes sharp turns that tightly grip the surface. Its steep inclines are known to challenge every type of vehicle while maintaining a consistent speed. Drivers can see Poenari Castle during their journey. This landmark is best known as a structure that was owned by Vlad the Impaler. The road is also the only way to reach Balea Lake that does not include an aerial tram. Weather conditions lead to it being closed, generally beginning in October and lasting until June or July.

Guoliang Tunnel Road

The Guoliang Tunnel Road in China offers a unique perspective. Its construction allows drivers to encounter a mountain through a specially carved design. Parts of the experience can be frightening as drops and turns suddenly appear. Villagers from Guoliang built the road as a method of transporting goods to other locations, but it soon became a tourist attraction for car enthusiasts seeking different routes. Access may be limited at times so any visitors should check with local authorities for updated information.

From Trollstigen to the Guoliang Tunnel Road, great driving experiences can be found across the world. Drivers searching for the best driving adventures will find options in unexpected locations as well as traditional settings. These choices present destinations with unrivaled details that highlight every experience.

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