There is no doubt that we are now living in a world of unbridled technological wonders. The iPad is one of the most popular gadgets to ever hit the market because of its sophisticated features and state-of-the-art applications. Of course, this modern marvel is being constantly upgraded and some of the newest features reflect all of the innovation and functionality that we have come to expect. So, what are arguably the top three advancements that we have seen in recent models?

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Visual Clarity

The improved retinal display is perhaps the most notable (and immediately visible) difference in new versions. Of course, visual material is one of the primary uses for this device and high-resolution readability is a must. So, Apple has offered an impressive screen that is no less than 7.9 inches and offers you a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. This is ideal for low-light situations and any text (or images) that are intricate and detailed.

Better Sound Quality

In previous versions of the iPad, you might have had issues with the quality of sound playback. This was mainly due to the fact that only one microphone was present. Upgraded versions are now equipped with dual microphones. One is located at the very top of the unit and the other can be found on the reverse side. This is ideal if you listen to music and wish to enjoy a true “stereo” feel. Excess noises have also been reduced. This has vastly improved the quality of audio calls through applications such as Face Time.

WiFi Genius

Most online reviews have centred around the fact that previous devices were somewhat lacking in proper reception while roaming or in areas with inadequate coverage. Naturally, this would immensely decrease the functionality of the unit as a whole. This has caused the latest upgrade to boast two different antenna arrays. Such a feature is technically known in the trade as MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) and from an end-user point of view, this simply means better reception and lightning-fast download speeds.

Of course, the iPad is equally known for its durability and the ability to hold vast quantities of information. It is interesting to finally note that many believe future versions will be even more streamlined while they will also be priced significantly less. Therefore, it is no wonder as to why so many millions of us are drawn to these marvels of 21st century technology.

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