The world offers up plenty of opportunities to explore its architectural gems, fascinating cultures and vast history by road. Route 66 is perhaps the most infamous road trip, although many people opt to discover Europe by car too. Sometimes getting around by car is necessary – for example if you want to visit remote national parks or other off the beaten track locations, finding public transport can be a challenge and you’ll be grateful you opted to take your own set of wheels.

Here are a few things to take into account when choosing a car for travelling, whether you’re considering taking your own from home or hiring once you arrive.

Possible uses

How and where you plan on using your car will determine which model most suits you. For example, if you pick up a used MINI Cooper at the car hire desk, you can take advantage of its compact size – perfect for squeezing into the last parking space at that popular tourist attraction. Size-wise, it’s a great car for city driving, but can also manage longer journeys with ease.

If you’ll mainly be driving in the city then you’ll want a car that is economical and perhaps a little smaller so that you can fit it into tight parking spaces. However, if you plan on doing a lot of country or off-road driving then a 4×4 might be your best option. If you plan to spend lots of time on the motorway, a faster car might be best suited to you.


What many people want in a car is to be able to combine economical city driving with speed on the motorway. The MINI Cooper offers this combination, reaching 0-60mph in just 9.2 seconds and boasting an urban fuel consumption of 39.2mpg.
With a top speed of 127mph, the MINI Cooper is the ideal vehicle for those who want to be able to shift into top gear when leaving the city roads behind and zoom from one incredible place to another in no time at all. It’s also perfect for negotiating narrow streets and yet with a boot space of 240 litres it also has plenty of room for all your travel gear.


The performance aspect is also important, and this covers a number of aspects including fuel consumption, speed, steering, brakes, acceleration and maintenance costs. Some will attribute more importance to one of these performance indicators over the others. For example, fast-car enthusiasts will look primarily at speed and acceleration while fuel consumption may not be as important.

Eco-friendly travellers who expect to do a great deal of city driving might look at the fuel consumption first to keep up with their green credentials, as well as other features such as the size of the vehicle.

Deciding which car accompanies you on your travels is almost as important as planning your route, and considering the above points carefully can help your trip go off without a hitch.

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