How the ratings are scored

How things will be scored:


I will leave part of this to where I will use your current rank on  However, because I don’t want Alexa to have too much say on the matter, I will use their score on basic bell score model.  For example, if I have 200 sites in the database, the site with the best Alexa score will receive a score of 99, where as the person with the worst score will receive a score of 0.  Everyone else will fit in between.

My Score

I will also be judging your website myself.  I will get a score out of 500 using 5 fields of judging. 1) site layout 2) site content 3) quality of writing 4) photography and 5) contribution to the travel community.  From those score I will take the average to give my grade of your site out of 200.

This way, Alexa will have one-thirds the say, and I will have two thirds say.  I know, so much power vested in the hands of only one man.  Thus, if someone has an alexa score of 80, and a score from me of 150 from me, they will have a score of 230.  But since everyone like scores out of 100, I will divide it by 3 to get a score out of 100… in this case:  76.7/100

The highest score will be the top site!

How Often do I update?

Well, the truth is I used to update more often.  Now I’m hoping to update this list monthly.

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