Runaway Jane

Jane has been a regular on the Top 100 list for quite a long time.  Her website has quickly become one of the most popular reads within the online travel community.  Her site is full of great stories, good advice, and some interesting insight into life as a traveller.  From Jane’s about page I have taken a small excerpt:

“My name is Jane and four years ago I bought a ticket to Australia on the spur of the moment after becoming disheartened with a life working in sales. I returned to Scotland a year later and began travelling Europe periodically, and using the city of Edinburgh as both a base and a launch pad. Having now dicovered my real passion, I am attempting travel as a full time occupation. I want to document my journey on here, both as some sort of creative outlet, and also as a way of connecting with other travellers, backpackers, and anyone who has been bitten by the travel bug like me.”

Check out here website here:

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