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Awww, poor Cailin she’s been trying to get on this list since its birth.  And actually, if my memory hasn’t been completely wiped out by years of sampling the variety of the world’s alcohols, she may have been on a couple of the early editions.  At the end of the day, Cailin’s work was likely deserving of making the list for a long time.  She is a film maker and blogger wrapped into one and has possibly one of the happiest personalities you’ll ever come across.  As such, I’m sure you’ll be hard pressed to find another person in the online travel community that is better liked than Cailin.  Don’t let that personality get in the way of her work though, he videos are great and she puts a lot of passion into things.  If you get the chance, check out her production of “S**T Travel Bloggers Say”, it’s classy.

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  1. I’m just reading your write up about me now and I’m shaking my fist at you for saying I’ve been dying to get on this list since birth hahahaha But I do appreciate all the other nice things that you have to say 😉

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    • I’m good like that Cailin haha.

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