When we think about Africa our minds often drift directly towards the thoughts of open savannahs where Giraffes and Zebras graze. We think of wild and untamed lands featured by an exotic wildlife. And, however true that might all be, we often forget that there is an Africa that many miss: the islands. Below I have listed 5 of Africa’s top island getaways.


Although Spanish, Lanzarote is African both geographically and historically. This little Canary Island is much less tourist encroached than the busy nearby Tenerife, though offers the same great value. Lanzarote holidays are becoming more and more popular among just about every class of traveller, and a quick visit to the island will make you realize why that is. 

Cape Verde

The Republic of Cape Verde is also starting to get its due as a travel destination. This volcanic island is Portuguese historically, although it’s now an independent state. Visitors to the country not only come for the water, but also great hiking on the volcano and some interestin geological formations like the Viana Desert.

Sao Tome and Principe

Also Portuguese historically, Sao Tome and Principe offer the same advantages as Cape Verde. The islands are littered with great hiking options. Moreover, there are some beautiful colonial towns scattered around the country. For the bird lovers, there is also a plethora of bird life as this is a stop for many birds migrating from Southern Africa to Europe. 

Comoros Islands

Although many people who come to these islands might say they are more Indian than African, they still fit the geographical bill. The Comoros Islands provide travellers both some stunning beaches and some very interesting history. These little islands on the eastern shores of Africa might take a serious journey to get to, but they are worth it.


This is likely the most touristy of all the island getaways, but there is good reason for that. The island is one of the most important in Africa, and has beautiful beaches and a rich history as well. Some of the stone work in Zanzibar is among the most impressive in the world. Zanzibar offers tourists a wider variety of things to see than perhaps anywhere else in Africa.

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