By Amy Baker

So you want to be a travel blogger? You and everyone else, my friend! At any one time the number of people across the globe who fantasize about making a living from their love of travelling could well be in the millions. It’s a career that so many aspire to and unsurprisingly so – who wouldn’t want to travel the world and tell the world about it? To help you on your way to travel blogging super-stardom, here are five top tips to help you on your way…

Travel blogger

1 – Consider your audience

To ensure that you get the readership that you want, make sure that as well as writing eloquent travel tales, you are including the information that people need when they actually visit a place. For starters you should include brief facts on getting from the airport into the city, a few accommodation options, maybe a restaurant suggestion or two. Make sure that you include a good combination of practical information on, for example, how you organised that Safari trip in South Africa? Or, which car hire firm you used for that road trip? alongside the outrageous tales of the interesting folk you met along the way.

Travel blogger

2- Write, write, write

If you want to be a travel writer then the most important and essential part of the process is actually writing. Write straight away and all the time. Jot notes down at every stage of the journey whether that be in a note pad or in a handily designed blogging app. These notes don’t need to be written in the most elegant prose, at this early stage, it is just a case of getting things down. Write descriptions of the things that you see, the people that you meet (including things that they say and do), the smells you smell – anything really that will go towards painting an image of the place that you are visiting.

2. Find a niche

If you want to attract an audience, you should find yourself a niche. There are a million and one travel blogs out there offering the same thing and chances are that you won’t be able to knock the firmly established ones off the top spot. Find a particular region, a specific type of travel or anything else really as long as it’s a bit different. One you have found your niche, stick to it.

Travel blogger

4. Write engaging content

Above else, the most important part of running a successful travel blog is writing engaging content. If what you write is good and you market it in the right ways, people will read it. As a travel blogger you will be inundated with press releases – don’t be tempted to churn these out. Make your content unique and engaging and make sure that it is written in the style that defines you as a writer.

5 – Persevere

Remember that success won’t materialize overnight – you need to persevere, post regularly, interact with other bloggers, market yourself and everything else in between. It will be a long hard slog but remember that you are doing what you want to do and that’s the only thing that matters.

Amy Baker has travelled to all corners of the world writing about her escapades and offering out practical advice. A London resident, by day she writes for a range of travel magazines and online publications and by night, plots her next adventure to somewhere exotic.

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