When you first book your family adventure to Orlando, you’ll undoubtedly be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of theme park options you have to choose from. It’s a haven for lovers of fun and adventure, and while you may think that you have your itinerary down to a T, a few tips and advice to help you make the most out of your visit wouldn’t go amiss!



From the moment you book your affordable flights to Orlando (http://book.flythomascook.com/cheap-flights/to-Orlando-Florida-USA/), there are many ways in which you can maximise your enjoyment of this trip of a lifetime. As far as the theme parks are concerned though, here are some great tips that can help:

  • Book and pay for your tickets in advance. The more days you buy, the cheaper the price will be, while flexitickets and weekly passes can be a great way of ensuring your money goes further. Park hopper tickets can allow you to leave one park and visit another on the same day, which may not be for everyone but can be incredibly useful.
  • Use fast pass tickets to dodge the long queues for the more popular rides. These give you a time slot for when to return to the ride so that you can enjoy other attractions in the meantime. Alternatively, head for the most popular rides first thing in the morning, during the parades or last thing at night.
  • Do the opposite of what the crowd does. It’s sensible to begin your journey around the theme park at the rides that are closest to the entrance. However, if you start at the end and work your way back, you’ll have fewer queues to contend with.
  • Make sure that young children have visited the loo before you queue – there’s nothing worse than having to leave the queue just as you reach the front so that they can have a toilet break!

Plan your days in the theme parks so that you can make the most out of your visit; after all, it’s not every year that you get to go to Orlando! 

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